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  • Ello lovely! :D x x x Woof to you too!
  • Boo!!!!!
  • thanx hun..should've sent my message below via 'send message'! duh!
  • Just wanted to say thanx for what you wrote on the post about living on the road with kids....You have opened my eyes to what I don't have a clue about, and I'm really seeing the bigger picture now that it isn't as easy as it might seem...far from it.
    I'm thinking seriously about it now and won't jump into anything drastic.
    I've never lived in a caravan/truck b4...and my kids have a good life where we are. I feel selfish for even thinking about making life hard for them...just coz I'm sick of my blokes behaviour!
    Anyway..I'll stop loading up you page....
    Thanx hun and best wishes to you xxxxxxxxxx
  • Sat in the woods wif me dogs mate! Joys of modern tech means i got tinternet on me phone 24.7 chuckle!
  • what you doing on the internet on a lush day like this you sad weirdo!!! :P
  • orf ala feck ...
  • feck orf!!!!! :pp
  • aint upset any1 yet
  • hello there:D! hope shes been cooking you lots of nice dinners:pp
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkred]Hey you, i be the Scottish one stardust is squatting right now :waves:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • chuckle....yep!!! it rocks my socks!!
  • Dancing on Ice R U L E S!!!!!!!!!
  • wooohooooooooooo!
  • :woohoo:

    i popped your message boards cherry!!!!!

    kiss kiss to you too!