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  • You're nothing but a pack of cards.

    But at a guess.. it's a pack full of aces? :)
  • I do indeed, how do you know her? (I put her dreads in!)
  • Ey up. x7
  • not north enough, lol
    rossendale mainly, near manchester, spend a lot of time in todmorden / hebden bridge too.
    nearly ended up at a party in sheffield on sat, when the bradford was busted
  • very nice! well, if you're ever up north, hit me up and i'll show you how us northeners party properly :)
    sounds like you've got a good year coming up then :)
    hope it all goes to plan xx
  • I just looked through some of your facebook pictures and i know it sounds a bit wierd, But you have gorgeous eyes :) haha xx
  • haha i have a feeling i actually just added coxy because i was impressed with his dreads, I dont think i've ever met him :P
    I think i've met all the others briefly through ben and his piercing, I'd love to meet people properly but i get nervous haha :)
    how are you this fine day? ^^ x
  • indeed, has been a while.
    well theres always other festivals at other times eh?
    know what you mean about the spare time, i've used most of my holidays for boom so thats pretty much all i'll be doing unfortunatley.
    so whats these big things then? sounds exciting!
    i'm alright, off to a big party in bradford this weekend :) cant wait! x
  • haha i've heard of them, If that counts? :D
    Does Ben (CP) count? cause i know him :D!
    Hello ^^ xx
  • so hows things? any closer to boom? x
  • [COLOR=green]oo how lovely. ooh tell me about the art show?![/COLOR]
    [COLOR=green]im pretty good thanks, had a pretty nice day and the worst part of the weeks gone so im all smiles! i get to be creative tonight and i have a cup of choc butter cream to eat,haha. yum! x[/COLOR]
  • glad to hear it. oo noodley foods are always good.
    im pretty well thanks,though a bit sleepy after an early start and a very busy day!still,not long to go now before i can chill for the evening :)
    are you having a good day? x
  • oh fantastic, you just reminded me to soak some chickpeas! :D thanks! hows it going?x
  • [COLOR=purple]hello friend! xx[/COLOR]
  • Hi, How have you been lately? Not seen you around much! xx
  • stumled across your page. it said to give you a shout if bored so there you go!
  • Yesterday Andy Thimbleberry was arrested for allowing people to smoke cannabis on his premises during the festival. He was yesterday formally charged and is due to appear in court on this charge early December.
    As part of the production team I am waiting to see if I get arrested for aiding and abetting the smoking of cannabis on the festival site.

    I wonder how this will effect any festival in the future as it will set the president that any person allowing a festival to happen on their land will or could be charged with the same offense.

    So what do people think about this news?????????

    to say the least of my feelings I'm gutted and very pissed off :wall: :curse:

    Please log onto Andy Thimbleberry's face ache and give him support he really needs it, his facebook name is Andy Thimbleberry.

    Thanks for your support
  • Hey, i'm Wednesday...I'm new on here and came by your profile and thought I would say a quick hello, how are you?

    Wednesday :hippy:
  • :insane:
    Have a hippy happy:hippy: weekend and emjoy the energies to the full :hippy:
  • youuuuu!
  • Cheers!
  • Hello Alix.
    Thanks for being friendly and welcoming me to UK Hippy. I'm finding my way around gradually. When are you down at Bank Street again? Im trying to help Cassie organise a settee for the Art in the Park room to make it a bit more cosy.I put some of my textiles up in a display ay Endcliffe Park Cafe today.Thanks for telling me about the Peace in the Park stall possibility.I emailed them about it straight away.See you soon.
  • Just my left nostril. Sometimes a stud sometimes a ring, depending on how pissed off i am at the studd falling out :D

    How are you tonight? Nice to meet you btw.
  • Ooooh that's awesome - always good to get your name out there. I saw your p.a.n.d.a. girl drawing - I like your style :P She's cool.

    It is very good to be free indeed ... So far I've just been chilling out, making jewellery, taking photographs etc. Probably gonna go camping a few times when it's warmer, get away from this darn city, and pull in as many gigs as I can too! Can't wait :D You got any summer plans?

  • I'm fine thanks, uni is over til October so I can do what the feck I want now :D How have you been getting famous? x
  • Oh hello, We have a match! How have you been lately?
  • finally, someone recognises the greatness of the vasquez!
    will fix my profile soon.
  • I'd start one - there's tons of people here with ideas. I'm happy with mine being short and cheeky!
  • Err... that depends I think on who dreads them for you, how they do them, and how quick they start to lock up. Err... Do you have someone who can do them for you? If not, why not make a thread in bizarre bazaar under 'wanted'. Then you can also ask questions and someone's bound to say something. Or start a thread in one of the other sections asking. I don't know very much in all honesty, I'm learning as I go :)
  • Hey matey,
    My hair was about... 4" or so? you don't have to have long hair to have dreads done, but people find it easier to dread hair when its longer. the first time my hair was dreaded it was only nearly 3" long but the hairdresser did a good job.
    How long is yours?