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  • Hi,
    I was just wondering if you got my messages aboutthe bracelet at all? I would still like it if you have it please, it was more money than I would usually spend =[
    Dread x
  • you`re welcome:) and you are special:)
  • Ascended to pot washer in the court of machiavelli.
  • lol just found out how to see the physical evidence of my bond at birth :) check the free money post thing i done again its got a guide on their so you can prove to yuorself :) i only have a small birth cert and not the full version but on the bottom left it has 5 letters 3 numbers i added them into [url][/url] as mutual fund and fund number from the drop down box and there was an account there :ojust trying to figure out how to set off debts by using this account lol already with tpuc very intersting stuff :)
  • I'm stepping..i'm too old for em
  • yes, i paid cash... lesson learned..

    never had any probs with other stuff...
    they need to have a missing thread definately....
  • yes i know, i been waiting on a parcel for about a month now!
  • dont worry bout stuff, i have not yet been to the post office to send stuff off!! life`s got in the way this week!
  • Hehe! I will not be held responsibly for any guerilla dentistry that goes on in your house!

    He's only wee, just under two centimetres long, is that ok? He is lovely and you're very welcome to him :)

    (just edited as I measured!)
  • :waves:

    I just thought - I have another of the turquoise bears if you'd like one? No more fox teeth, though!
  • Awesome :)
  • are you sitting comfortably ?
    Then I'll begin....

    long ,long ago when the......:reddevil:
  • [ame=""]YouTube - The Deceptions Demise - with lawful excuse 3/5[/ame]

    im just watching this guy he explains it alot better then i can lol
  • LOL ITS DUE TO A NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING AND INTENT OOOPPS sorry caps lock lol it has to claim that its for the good of you and the community which i guess it would free up debt from the government and you essentially the community worth looking into
  • [ame=""]YouTube - DANCE TRAIN STATION BELGIUM do-re-mi The Sound of Music - Julie Andrews[/ame]
  • its so not a problem...was just awaiting address so i could post em before they get lost amongst stuff! lol....i`ll be posting can wait:)
  • Ello mate - just to say i will get round to answering your PM at some point! There was lots in there and tryin to find the time to sit down and write a proper reply is bit of a mare at the moment but easter hols nearly over so i shall have me time again from monday LOL! loves x x x x
  • Did I? :)

    At the moment I have a Sega Mega Drive, 2 x Sega Mega Drives, a game genie and about 30 games........might have some more off [URL=""][/URL] at the end of the month. I HAVE been called a geek and nerd a few times this week lol :)

    Oh and I nearly got an Amiga 500 computer off here ha old skool am I?! :P
  • hi hun its just come i love it thankyou its beautiful your one talented lady
  • she went back last night...i got home and went to bed...strict instuctions that i was not to be disturbed! blummin my pillows and little tv on ,but no sound.........................
    will be posting pics in a min of a day out yesterday with her and alice,so you will see exactly what i mean!! lol
  • just woken up! had a mate to stay and shes a bit *manic* kinda wore me out a bit! shes full throttle 24/7 her to bits, but in very small
  • Do you [I]ever [/I]sleep? :D
  • hiya hun was wondering if youd sent as i have very little faith in royal mail at mo lol
  • its been a little different for me, alices dad and i divorced when she was 2...he has alice on rather than sit in alone i started going to psytrance parties(at 39!!) 11 years later i still go but not as often!t`owld knees can hack it!
    harrogate is like jekyll and hyde, it really is! but the town is very upper class....its nice to window shop......................! if i need owt tho i go to leeds.

    Harrogate is north of leeds and west of York in north yorkshire...just acros the pennines from you:)
    Alice is 14 now, i`ll be taking her to her first festival in june! that will be interesting...miss chav dancing with the hippies! lol
  • i must admit to still going clubbing!! and love wearing glowy stuff,...
    i`ll have to get on to polymer clay pit methinks...was hoping town would have what i needed tho...harrogate is too posh for its own good:(
  • I just make clubby bracelets out of the fluorescent fimo..which they decided to discontinue:(
    i use some sculpey in fluorescents... and need sparkley white fimo , blue translucent and uv green orange and loads of pink and red uv....
    can i get any? not in this town:( not fair...
  • Pity I don't eat fish
  • I like my fimo leaves, they're pretty, but i have a huge wodge of fimo rounds that i need to do something with. Thing with fimo is i find it puts a bar on your price range. Not everyone is that into it, even though it's a lot of work that goes into it. Shame really, they are absolutely an artwork in themselves.
    yeah, i think i'll do seascape, i've fallen in love with my turqoise and shells. Deffo my fave combo to play with. :)
  • stripey beads look so summery....:) i have actually just been selling to friends... hopeless at ebay....
    my fimo range went to festies.. i have mud phobia so i stay home and watch on tv! lol the fimo ones are not selling now:( only got a few pendants left..will be giving them as gifts...(very plain and simple they are)

    do seascapes..its more summery:)