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  • Hi Heather

    At the momemt I'm training as a secondary school teacher, hoping to use the qualification to teach english abroad. Don't wish to join the teaching proffesion, too undisiplined for that.
  • Hello Heather

    How are you? did you have a nice festive season. I'm Alex a scientist too. What's you area of specialism?
  • Hello mate hope you've had a good weekend
  • *waves to the lovely heather* Greetings from piskie land my dear. How goes the pooch poo patrol? :D
  • Ok well if its sunday i'll let you know .
  • Yer i love science , I'll keep an eye out for you on telly . I might be over your way next weekend to pick up land rover bits lol
  • Sounds great , yer not a bad weekend , I went on the toy run today and did a some green lane's on the way home , and i won some more land rover bits on Ebay for 99p new they cost £220 :D . There was a scientist on country file today from Cambridge , i thought of you ?
  • Hi hope you had a good weekend .
  • ok :D
  • is your profile photo you and a friend ?
  • I'll tell you the next time i'm off over to Upwell and if you would like we could meet up ? I also know March i did some building work there when i was living on the road . I grow Veggies and Lavender as the insects like it ? Are you on Face book ?
  • No I've not been to the shop ? Yes i'm very outdoorsey i love being out in the country doing anything from walking to driving , I've just got in to Gardening as well ? and i've just found a little house in the country a friend of mine and me are looking in to sharing . Do you Live near Upwell ? Thats where Ali foster Bro lives now ?
  • I ride my bikes all year round but the winter bike is really only a single seater sorry but next spring if you still want to you can come for a ride . your not far from my foster bro he's just below King's Lynn. I see your a scientist what do you do . I loved chemistry and physics at school
  • so sorry to here your single hope your ok ? I'm in the Lincolnshire fens Little place called Helpringham near Sleaford Not to far from you really .
  • Hi how you doing just spotted your another fenlander
  • :waves:thanks
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=magenta]Please vote for me xxx[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • good day to you, how are you?
  • hi how was the festival ?
  • :sunsmile:morning flower! :hug: friday woo!hoo! and another hippyfest for us this weekend -hadrians wall here we come!:sunflower:flower::sunflower have a beautiful day!
  • That's amazing!!! Well done!!!!!!!! Bet you're glad that part's over with?

    Still struggling away trying to get my labwork finished, it's supposed to be done within the next 6-8 weeks, but unless I manage to make more hours in the day, there's no way that's happening. Lol!

  • [FONT=Impact][COLOR=DarkOrchid]:waves: good morning[/COLOR][/FONT] :hug:[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=2][FONT=Fixedsys]hope yours is filled with :sun:and:redsun::flower::sunflower and :peace:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=2][FONT=Fixedsys]and [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]:heart:
  • i meant to come by and say Happy Easter.. but you know us hippies, forgetful and lackadaisical .. im just now getting around to it. so have a Hippie Easter instead. [IMG]http://trulyfe.com/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG]
  • well heather we arent quite there yet but we are making progress.... have you watched what the bleep do we know yet? Good film about quantum physics the pandemic is on an alternative site gives the strain number... david Icke ...latest headlines..... i need chocolate...
  • morning heather I love doing yoga have this 10 min or sometime 20 mins routine i do most days trouble is i love it get busy forget to do it then realise a few days later that i need to do it again. When in settled in my new life.....
    What's your take on the Pandemic in the US they are talking about?
    Ohhh and happy sunday !
  • Hi Heather ...i normally practice meditation in the evening just before i go to bed and try to at last a few times a week, my mornings are just too busy and hectic to even etempt it ...i normally sit on a big cushion, no lotus im afraid my hips just wont allow it lol..i concerntrate on my breathing . I have a table with candles and i collect Buddhas , crystals and have this place in my bedroom as my little spot . its great that you see clouds and sea a very peacefull place to be!...every meditation for me is a different experience, sometimes just a place to feel at one and at peace.I watched a programme a while back on meditation and did you know that it has been researched and proven that ppl who meditate regularly add 5 years to their lives !...thats if they dont smoke like me of course lol...Do you meditate with crystals at all ?. I went on a crystal healing day with a friend last year , we were shown how to use a pendulum it was fascinating xx
  • Hi Heather , thanks for your message :) I practise Hatha yoga ...well at least i think it is !..do you do any meditation ?
  • Hello :)
  • You're very welcome...they're a fave of mine, as well :thumbup::)
  • Nothing planned as yet - other than to get out of the Highlands and somewhere warm! Lol! I've been quite good with the writing so far, I've got the bulk of the introduction done, it'll just need some last minute tweaking when I get my results finished, and most of the first 2 chapters.

    I quite fancy a postdoc in either Europe, so I can learn another language, or Australia, where I can....erm.....learn to surf?

    What about yourself? Fancy staying in academia?