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  • Sending you peace and joy for Christmas xxx
  • Things are shite. Split up with lady on the island. Work is boring. But new van is good.

    How's you?
  • Well you've seen my new toy!

    I wont be taking it to the island this weekend, but it will be round and about.

    Good luck!

  • That's spooky - same as me - that's why I've got the bigger van.
  • Not too bad, how's you?

  • all of a sudden im back in a van ill prepared but making do
  • Good ta. How's you? Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I've been surfing on my phone mostly for the last week and it doesn't tell me when I have got a visitor message!

    Hope life is being good to ya and that you had a wikkid christmas. :hug:
  • Hiya hunni hope your well
    Not seen you around much
    You have a top day
    Love sensi
  • im good
  • dunno love, but everyones been getting hassle on their message wall from a troll....hes been a bit of a pain in the arse, perhaps thats why....more control over ya messages perhaps
  • bloody hel hows you???...seems like ages since we last spoke....
  • Have a look at the pics :D I'm quite pleased because I feel like I'm actually doing something at last! The floor's nearly welded - he's finishing it on Sunday, so then it will be full steam ahead! Hoping we might still get to Trevstock in it... you going?
  • Hello! Haven't seen you around in ages! Yes I'm fine thanks. You?
  • good thanks love, you?
  • he's picking up as well. on holiday in cornwall with his girlfriend so all is good in his world!

    hope your tired and irritableness passes soon, am keeping fingers crossed for the reappearance of the sun as well. preferably some time soon! :D
  • on the up cheers mate. how's you? :hug:
  • hope your dad,s onna be ok and your bus x
  • kind of. dad's been really ill again so i have been looking after him and burning myself out a bit! bus is due in for her MOT next week so all fingers are needing to be crossed! :D
  • hey, how's you? x x x
  • absolutely shattered! how's you? x x x
  • Morning hunni I'm good thanks the sun is shining again here yippee
    How are you doing
    X x x x
  • Heya! :D I'm fine thanks, you? Had a good Easter? Eaten too much chocolate???
  • Morning sweetheart hope today is a good one whatever your doing
    Love sensi
  • Morning sweetheart hope today is a good one whatever your doing
    Love sensi
  • well as a well thing ty, my brain is buzzin with summer plans, but i must go to sleep!!!

    you are well too i hope?
  • Morning hunny raining here today and very dark
    Hope your ok and life is bieng good to you
    Loads of love sensi
  • All good here, in an at work sort of a way.

    Did lots of that decorating stuff l;ast weekend, so i should get the weekend off next weekend!

    Want to get on the beach and get sand between my toes!

    Hope all is good with you?

  • Very well thank you lovely, how are you?
  • 10th April I think. We've got to decide for definite though. I'll let you know, I'm off to bed now. Night x