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  • That would be great, you have been missed x
  • Hiya, long time no speak! How are you?
  • Hi lovie. you still around here?
  • A big Hi Trippy keep tripping stay Kool dont let the Nazis fuck up your day
  • I'm ok thanks, hope you are too! Forgot to respond you your text from ages ago, sorry!
  • OY! OY! how do missis
  • Hi Trippy thought I'd say hi MF
  • initially posted below message on my own profile page hence delay, doh still getting used to all this.;)
  • We've still got all the wishes, will probably have to get rid of them once we're on the boat as we won't have the room. Haven't been to any festivals this year either, with the weather we've had probably not a bad thing) Planning on going to Alchemy Festival later this month, which is cheap and doggyfriendly (yes that's our dog, his name's Bando, 12 year old akita:O) Understand what you mean about living on jobseekers, not nearly enough to live on and even two days a week wage is difficult, and so hard to find a decent-paying job nowadays. You're welcome to come visit us when we have boat on the water if they give you time off. Are you still living in Guildford?
  • Yeah camping is great but not so good when its chucking it down and blowing a gale then you walk mud inside and the pegs bend up when you hit a rock lol,countryside is good and going for a walk in the woods is nice dont seem to be so many around nowadays,what fests you been to?i used to have a bedford bambi they are good little campers,now got a renault trafic autosleeper try to get away most weekends when i can,what music you into?Whats your name?Mine is Dan
  • Sorry I've only just noticed your message, got distracted by other things soon after I saw you but am deciding to give the forum another go. We're fine, not doing the tree anymore but are restoring a boat to live on. How are you, haven't seen you at small world since then...?
  • Nice one... good luck at your new job, do hope it goes well and you enjoy being there...... yeah sure is hard work riding horses when you've not done it for a while, really miss not having horses in my life but am sure i'll get back to keeping them again one day, do hope so.... my name Zepherus here on ukHp is from a special horse i had from a foal, he was a cross welsh cob/shire, such an amazing horse i regretably had to sell when i moved out of wales to london quite a while back..he's the one on my profile photo
    . Have moved to Brighton now and work for a breakdown co. rescuing people all day :) x
  • hi... hope all is still well and good... x
  • Hi Trippy hope you get this message as is my first, ow the joys hope your havin fun MF X
  • my skills not sure I have any lol but I am thinking about collage and a nail and beauty course .... x
  • Thank you hun :) I am looking for a bit of work too, but its not easy not a lot of people will give me work the world is crazy I do not bite lol....
  • Hi hun got a laptop now lol hope all is well x
  • Hi Hunny :) Why would you say something wrong... I dont get the chance to log into Hippy much... my phone is rubbish on the net lol.. tam and bump are great, they are a little stressed out just want it in the world now :) I hope you are good...
  • I'm not too bad, have you been up to much? I remember you posting a while back about splitting with your girlfriend, how's things now? xx
  • Hello! How are you doing? :)
  • Hey trippy, how are you?
  • Hiya! I think it will let me post messages now. Said something about having to have done 8 forum posts or something. Anyway, here I am. Hope you're good. And sorry I was away with the fairies at school yesterday!! xxx
  • Loving the new flat and we have an allotment too. Brilliant being so close to town - get to pop in and see friends and hang out, go to birthday parties rather than hear about them. It's brilliant. H is loving his new school. We are all very happy...all that's missing is a job! Will PM you the numbers..... xxx
  • Heya trippy how you doing? you coming to the woodhenge picnic gathering would be great to see you again. Hopefully i found meself a lift just me coming ready for a wee break on me own. xXx
  • Doc said it should calm down after 6 sis is on it and has had no problems. I guess it's different for everyone :S Hope things settle down for you xx
  • Not in the last 25 years or so :) I guess I look a lot like some of the other hippies that are seen around :hippy:
    Unless I've succeeded at astral projection or have a clone somewhere!? Jeez I hope it's not the latter, poor beggar having to look like me :D
  • Yeah I've been put on Cerazette as I was getting migraines on the combined pill which apparently means I was at risk of a stroke :S I'd only been on that for 6 months after being on nothing for a while. I think all the changes have sent my system screwy
  • should be another 2 or three weeks to complete the paperwork. sooooo can't wait to be south again! hopefully we'll be able to get to a few more gatherings! hugs, bee xxx
  • hey there lovely!

    how's things?
  • Thank you.
    i'm sure it'll be ok - but feels like a very big step.
    The van will still be there, and I'll still be using it quite a bit, but I'm not used to having a place with my own doorkey!

    Up side is that the room is big enough to have a sofa bed too (when i find one cheap enough) so my son or friends can stay over, which makes me happy.

    Liz is staying tonight, we're sort of getting sorted, which means that the room is handy for her too as she needs to be on the mainland one night most weeks.

    Life seems good, I'm just worried about the room thing, I know it's a good thing to do, but I'm still worried.

    Hope the morning is being good to you?