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  • :thumbup:hi hug faerie great to speak to u hope youre okay feeling pretty down at the moment i dont think the weather helps
  • Cool, standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus I probably missed. Guess what II am staring at? It is a willow tree :)

    So you have a new rat, nibbler sounds a good name :)

    When I am in the mood I can some times rabbit on, but I do have to be in the mood.
  • One of my friends got hideously drunk (ok, she wasn't the only one :moyne:) and confessed her feelings to another of my friends... he then rejected her. :( :P

    On the same night, someone else walked face first into a glass sliding door :eek: The rest of us nearly pissed ourselves laughing at the time, she didn't appreciate it! :P :insane:
  • I am great thanks, but have had a flare up of labyrinthitis, so everything seems rather swimmy. Hopefully that will clear up within a week or so. The strange thing is, that it always flares up around spring time :S

    Each time I go out and build a campfire I learn something new, this time I have learned about different woods. There was this lovely bit of holly we had at Dorset, seemed a shame to burn it though, but the heat it gave out soon made up for it :)
  • Nice to see you on here again! :) How are you?

    Lol, that particular Britney song you posted brings back horrible memories of a house party for my friend's 18th birthday, which quite literally ended in tears! (not because of Britney though :p) :insane:
  • Jeez.....I am hardly ever here these days, how odd. I arrived with such enthusiasm then drifted away again. Admittedly I have been spending my spare internet time on Veggiedating sites so I just don't come here.

    Mmmm.......wood smoke.

    Anyhoo, how are you?
  • How are you? Just been thinking about you and wondered how you are.

    I had a lovely time in Dorset and Somerset, it is great to come back home smelling of wood smoke, but attending an interview in between the gatherings, hmm I don't know.
  • Vistaprint....I was designing a hat for me and my son....but I decided not to buy the hats because the images were cool - and free! Besides, what 12 year old wants to go outside with a hat with pictures of him and his Mummy on it?

    I've only got 9 freckles in the image! Ha ha ha....more like 9 thousand.....
  • Love your profile picture :) Where did you get it done
  • Got your internet sorted? :)
  • Yeah it does sound powerful :)

    My lunch is nearly ready, mmmmmm Pizza :P
  • 'Hurricane Joanne'? Sure. Sounds powerful!

  • That's good. Shall have to call you Hurricane Joanne, some more get better hugs on your way :hug: :hug:

    At the moment I am shaking a bit because I am hungry, but my lunch has a bit to go till it is ready.
  • Just a quick message to see how you are?
  • oink oink :D
  • Ello. :waves:.Did you find your medieval clothing? If its seriously authentic you are looking for you will find lots of links to traders & makers of all sorts of clothing on [URL=""][/URL]
  • Yay, whoo hoo
  • awww :hug: :hug:
  • One more post :) Better dig out the party streamers, lol
  • That is quite an old picture of me :) I have rimless now
  • Ah it's okay! Some people are just slightly crazy and we happen to live by them. By the way... noticed you like hairy people, yay for hairy people. Not many hairy fans out there!
  • They just give nasty looks and constantly bang on the walls to annoy us. and then the other neighbour got drunk and beta our car with a golf club! :eek: Scary stuff!
  • Well, my neighbors at the moment dont like me! I could deal with an interesting 'friendly' neighbor :P
  • I really enjoyed your blurb and newbie thread! I think you'd be the best kind of neighbor in the world :D
  • haha! well you can count me in! =)
    Peace x
  • Hey, thought I'd add you! Hope your all good? =)
  • Hey ho, had a good day?
  • Good grief - please don't! :D

    Anyhoo...I don't live in Tobermory/Balamory. :pp

    P.s. I had no idea what you were talking about! So I had to google 'Miss Hoolie' to find out!

    Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! :sponge:
  • I shall have to call you miss Hoolie :D
  • Ohh which one? I can't surf if my life depended on it, although I can sail :) I haven't been to Tiree, but I do love the west coast and I do love Arran in particular.

    If I end up getting a boat I would love to sail to the Isle of Mull and go to Tobermory in particular :)