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  • alrite guvna..! see you soon bruv..x t in season agen altho no pups this time.. love2u,t,x
  • of course I knew that - sprirt of 69 all the way ;)

    I think you can get SHARP patches and badges on ebay, not sure where else though, I just grabbed my avatar off of google and edited it in photoshop. The trad/trojan scene is most definitely still alive and kicking.
  • hope you got good people watching her ,lot of horse theft around,esp cambridge/bedford area,which is strange as the markets dropped and the rescues are overflowing.
  • just seen your horse pic nice horse and vardo
  • I like the sound of those biscuits! :redeye::p:D bet u have some cool stories to tell of your younger days? Peace, Mistyx
  • Well, he should have been... breaking & entering and criminal damage, that was! :P
  • good luck to them!
  • Yeah, it is strange how there are people you meet on the internet or elsewhere who could have lived just down the road for years. The world is odd like that :)
  • thats a pisser innit. bigotry everywhere tho i spose. i'd heard that ireland werent so bad as england for travellers. is that not the case?
  • Unfortunately I don't know them, so really can't help you there, sorry.
  • i meant welcome to ukhippy n just shortened it to ukh! you living in the wagon or a house? five months.......fairplay to ya mate!
  • hey, welcome to ukh! those horse drawn caravans look awesome!
  • bummeroony, hope it all gets for you soon bro.
  • Unfortunately, probably not this year. It's a long story but I recently got out of a bad work situation and I keep discovering the hard way that several things that my boss was deducting money from my wages for were never paid so in the last few weeks I've suddenly discovered a several thousand pound debt I didn't know I had :(
  • Absolutely, I've had another job when I was living in Bournemouth where I was on permanent 6-2 for a year and the summer was just superb, either out on the bike or down the beach, it didn't really get better :)
  • Heh heh :) It does kind of feel like having two whole days in one in a bizarre sort of way.
  • Yeah, I only do 30 hrs a week which is nice, but they're on shifts which isn't so nice, earlies are 6-12 and lates are 2-8. Getting up at 4 in the morning to be at work for 6 is a bugger, but them I am soooo looking forward to the summer :)
  • Back home from work now and yup, the Black Beast of Glossop gets ridden in every day rain or shine. Or at least every day I'm not snowed in anyway LOL!! The cold isn't really an issue as I'm all togged up for that, it's the damp that gets me :(
  • More a case of having to get up to leave for work in 5 minutes and just checking for emails and stuff while trying to wake up so I'm safe on the bike......I really hate earlies!! LOL
  • wahey, yup thasme, ugly innit
  • Just thought I'd say hello as I passed by. I'd offer to help you find your way round the site but I'm off to Scotland for a week.
  • hello i'm new here, wltm someone who can help me navigate this site [bit of a dweeb with a new laptop see].