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  • Aw no! Sorry to hear that man, Are you going to re apply for different unis next year? What did you wanna study?
    I'm a photography student at the mo in college, just lost my job not long ago so am just in the process of finding a new one. I'd really like to get into volunteering too but it seems all of the jobs require you to train or pass things, and all I want to do is something simple to help people. Grr.
  • I totally cant imagine it being so hot this time of year, seems so surreal to me! :insane: It was so awesome because I spent the day with my best bud and we just had a really fun day :)
    So did you say you are a student or have I confused you with someone else?
  • Pandas are cool, hehe. Yeah I'm pretty good thanks! Just chilling out after an awesome day, how about you?
  • Thanks! glad you like em :)