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  • i meant to come by and say Happy Easter.. but you know us hippies, forgetful and lackadaisical .. im just now getting around to it. so have a Hippie Easter instead. [IMG][/IMG]
  • ahoy !! waves back !! :D x x
  • All going splendid :) Done the SS1000 on the bike and now a few UKHips are sorting out a mobile come biker gathering down the UK for summer! Yippee more motorbiking. Hope all is going well x
  • Hiya :)
  • Been here my whole life & love it :) I'll be (hopefully) staying here for uni. Yeah I can relate, I used to have bad anxiety, I'm fine now around people but Manchester still doesnt do much for me -though I rarely go into the city, just the surrounding urban areas. so maybe thats why!
  • Aaah well thats cool. My dad lives out there but I really dont like it.. lots of gangs around at night and stuff. Where are you originally from then? :)
  • Sorry, took a while to reply! I'm in Newcastle. Do you like living in Manchester?
  • You are very welcome :)

    Have a beautiful day x
  • hehe its one of my favourite songs haha
  • hey, i do poi so i called myself sockspinner...imaginitive eh?! lol. hows everythin goin'?x
  • you are a kind person.. i can tell. peace and giggles , VG.
  • [FONT=Garamond][SIZE=4][COLOR=green]Hehe, it actually tasted pretty muddy :D but good because i like messy. Can i add you to msn? Be nice to talk[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • I'm not much of a shopper myself, don't do it much. I noticed you live in manchester, one cool place I remember there is Afflecks, not sure if you've heard of it?
  • Haha cool, Dont worry, I did arts too and my first job had absolutely no relation to art or any of my qualifications lol. Where abouts in the country are you?
  • Ah cool, What do you study? I'm also a student though most of my friends are off doing different things these days so I really should make the effort to make more friends in person, haha. Life is good though, I cant complain!
  • Glad to hear it! Paddy (Perthite) is a cool dude, one of two (I think) people on here I know in real life!

  • Well, welcome!

    I was wanting some new people to talk to and my mate Perthite whom you may have seen about recomended this!

  • Hey, thanks :) Theres some blacklight posters and trippy lights that you cant see in that pic. Got the wallhangings in that picture from Camden town in London, really cool place with lots of nepalese gear like that.
  • It's good fun, and full of lovely people!

    How did you find it? x
  • Lol it is very friendly! You'll make friends in no time, seems like you're well on your way! ;) So what do you do? how is life?
  • Thanks! I love giraffes :D Welcome to the site, how are you enjoying it so far??
  • Hola! Como esta?

  • Hi there :wave: :)
  • suggest you check out the gatherings thread!

    come out n meet some of us....loadsa roadtrips going on! n i'm not really that r 'n' r!!!
  • i have!!!! :reddevil:
  • i travel a fair bit in it. she's poorly at the moment coz she was in a big fire on new years eve so i'm just waiting for the insurance wranglings to commence! it's starting to look like i'll be travelling in her covered in gaffa tape and tarps for a while now!
  • thats the bus from the harry potter films! mines the blue one in my avatar!!
  • thank you! that's mollydog and star (mod of ukhippy) kindly made the picture for me! :)
  • Hi people :)

    I'm new to this site so be nice to me :P

    *To talk to people who are likeminded: people who want to be happy and recieve and promote positive energy
    *Potential dating (hehe, I'm not gonna lie lol)...I am active in the bdsm community but I have yet to find many people who share my more hippy based values. Perhaps it's because it's hard to find a relaxed mix between the two for a lot of people. Well anyways, that's one of the things that brings me here....I identify as a submissive but am by no means interested in no strings sex...I am hoping to meet people on here who believe that sex and love and stuff mean something much more than just meeting some random person in a club and taking it from there for the timespan of 48 hours or so lol

    My profile says I'm lesbian...but if I can find a loving man who doesnt want sex (no really lol) then bring that on :)

    I am not political

    I am spiritual and believe in the paranormal

    I enjoy most things creative so I won't bore you with a list of specific band names as really, I'm into anything

    Hope to hear from some people :)

    Laura :)xx