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  • Things is not to bad ta! Am in a house for the time being but the bus is all fixed and working so is all good! How's you? And who you calling an old hippie?? :pp :hug:
  • no, nowhere near
  • How cool.....i work in York all the time..I'm there tomorrow for a night out with a friend.
    I used to live in Haxby
  • im in york hun and no good at geo lol so dont know if thats close to you........
  • well thank you kind miss......I'm sure I can off load many a problem.....a problem shared n all....xx
  • What would you like to know?:D

    Welcome aboard and any problems just ask.
  • So do you live full time in your bus ?
  • I know...how bad's that ? I've just ofloaded lots of surplus kit I no longer use. Just sold my RIB.....not the ones in my body he he. I've just looked at your van pics and I love the one of you with said guitar.....Nice to meet you by the way
  • throw a snowboard away?????

  • And I've just thrown a good un away....you could have had it as well. You sound like a good laugh I must admit.
  • i'll bear that in mind! snowboard is due replacement!! arrggghhhhhh!!!
  • yeh cool.....I went snowboarding in the Czech Republic last year, i had a right lafff.
    If you ever need any watersports kit or snowboarding kit I can get big discounts from Robin Hood Water Sports....I used to work there....Ah ha as us pirates say
  • cheers, she's a bit burnt at the moment but she's going to the garage next month to get all better!

    i love pirates too! and snowboarding!
  • Well Tarifa is in the south of Spain, it's a windsurf and kite surfing heaven. Very relaxed, and a fab place to be. Oh and I like Pirates, so there you go......I love your bus by the way. It's sooooooo fucking cool
  • why are you tarifa pirate?
  • Cheers.....I'm buying it from down south...Lets hope it'll make it back up north. I've then to paint her.....and put my magic touch on her....can't wait. Nice to meet you by the way
  • hi n welcome! tis always good to have another van/bus dweller on board!!

    gis a holler if you're ever down south!
  • Hi there Jan....Nice to meet you. So if you need a fab decci, I'm your man.......Oh and I'm a good pal as well
  • Good evening Sir! thanks for stopping by......welcome to the craziness! lol
  • Yeh I can believe it.....But if it breaks the boredom but 5 its cool by me ......:)
  • Cheers me dears... This forum is much fun... but also highly addictive... Thanks for saying hi! :D