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  • hi not been on the site for a few weeks, felt i wanted to add to the question i asked you about spinning....well, think it gets you fit when practised, i hope to light spin? think they are called flow lights/ the present time im looking to move to Brighton or Bristol...everybody spins there!!! ha ha :panic:
  • Hi Neon Pixie are you skilled fire poi person? :)
  • :) Thanks for adding me as a friend :*
  • Hey, I understand manic uni-ness, don't worry. I'm okay, a bit snuffly, full of a cold :rolleyes:. What have you been up to lately? :)
  • Hello :waves: How are you doing? xx
  • Hey *waves*

    Just wanted to say hi and stuff. How's Winchester today? Southampton is starting to brighten up, so I'm hoping doglet and I won't get soaked on our walk!

    I hope you're having a good day. xx
  • Hiya :) Thanks for the sympathy! I've heard Winchester isn't exactly the life of the party, my Mum lived there for a while. At least it has a little more character than Basingrad though, I love the architecture and the walls! I come down there sometimes to visit the river by the monastery (I think it's a monastrey anyway?)

    Will def come down for that vintage clothing fair - my friend would love it to, have to go look it up :)
  • Awww :) You're from Winchester I see, I think I've been there before, is it near the New Forest?
  • Thanks for adding me as a friend on here :)
  • Meeting fellow hippys is always fun.:) I shall discuss it with Princesstigermouse. We sometimes meet for coffee.
  • Hi Neonpixie, I see you have already met PTM. how are you likeing Winchester?
  • Hello fellow Hants person. :) *waves* I'm in Southampton, so not too far away.
  • Heheh! It's just where I live! I went to college here and decided to stay :) it's an awesome place. You're doing archaeology, aren't you?
  • Hey! where about in winch are you? I live in stanmore :P :)
  • :waves: Hallo, fellow Winchesterian.