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  • Hi. I used to own your AEC Renown. I got it from a firm in Milton Keynes who were using it on school kid runs. I took the seats out and fitted it out with pallet wood and bits of 2x4. Lived in it in the woods for a year or two then sold it on and got a VAL 14 cos we were going to get evicted and I reckoned the coach would be easier to park up. That was all many years ago ( 1980 - 83 ? ) I haven't any pictures of her at all and was mighty pleased to see her blue and yellow front on Traveller Homes. Have you got any more pics, esp of the interior. I remember taking away the perspex light covers to reveal those beams and the upstairs floor boards. I hope you got the chance to drive her cos it was lovely. Took her to Stonehenge, Glasto, and a couple of tree fairs. Cheers, Puck
  • Woop woop woop! Howdy groover!
  • i love cobs, hes beautiful, my mum in her younger days had a new forest pony, broke him in herself, unfortunately she couldnt afford to keep him & had to sell him on, she was heart broken, ive never owned my own horse, never been able to afford it & now i dont think i would have the time, im going to do some volunteer work with the riding school where i have my lessons, so im still with horses but dont have the full responsibility, i still like going camping, festivals, gigs & my nearly 7 year old to look after so need time to do different things.
    My job is only 2 days a week but its knackering me out! & its very tedious but its a start, winding ivy up 6 foot trellises, believe it or not its quite phisical & mind numbingly boring...lol
    so ive havnt been to any gatherings or festives, i thought i would wait till ive got a small campavan if i can ever afford one, prob not until next year, i like camping just fed up with tents...lol
  • And another thing......what gets me is under my user name it still says 'Noobie' ... been here for a year or two....surely i am not still a ;Noobie' anymore .....am I.....?
  • AT LAST..... blue skies and a BIG Yellow thing in the sky ...wonder what it is....!
  • hello mate long time no c, what u been doing?, hope all is well x
    ive started horse riding again, gone bk to having lessons to pick up where i left off, im knackered!
    & ive got a job in a plant nursery, start next week x
  • Thanks , I suppose your old AEC ex-Leicester decker's long been recycled as well by now ?
  • Old Photo's
    Hi, having just uploaded a photo of a red VAM14 FDP163D onto my website I then found your old photos of it here .. plus some of your other old rigs etc .. would it be ok to add your decker & VAL14 as well to my site ? If you've larger sized images than on here I'd appreciate copies as it saves fuzzy enlargements !
    cheers Dave
    Have also sent this message to yer private box asw realised you wont be notified otherwise !
  • Hello.....Im sort of here again..!!
  • And a wonderfully happy new year to you my dear....hope you have a wonderful One......Just spent some time ona remote Island on the west coast of Sweden with my partner. she grew up there ,her father own's it, no cars , no roads no other houses or shops... absolutly nothing just a beautiful island with mixed trees surrounded by water.... I walked on a frozen sea....quite a buzz....... x x x x x x x
  • happy new year mate
  • :xbounce::xsnowball:xtree::xmerry:
  • have u got a wild life pond in your garden?
  • did u leave near Epping forest?
  • hi yer, essex gathering was great had a lovely time, with lovely people, i did look out for u, just in case, shame u didnt make it but theres many more to come, the field we were in had a swarm of dragon flies it was amazing, such a beautiful site to see, ive never seen that many in one go like that
  • ok thanks, the essex gathering is the 13th august to the 16th august at debden house camp site its enigma rising whos organised it & its mentioned on the ukhippy gatherings forum, if u want to get more info, under essex gathering 2
    hope u get this message before hand:waves:
  • hello mate, good to hear from u im intending to get to some hippy gatherings through the summer holiday & maybe some festivals
    why dont u come along, my daughters dads got a little motor home now, well we r hoping it will be fixed by this week as there is a gathering in wales , another gathering in august in essex [epping forest] & there is the small world festival in late august
    well if u can make it it would be nice to meet u, take care chat soon
  • hey hows things, hope your easter break was a good one i hope u r all feeling better
  • all last week my daughter had chicken pox.....& im bloody knackered again! :hippy:
  • hello hope u all get better soon, im slowly recovering
  • hi yer hows things, im still getting over a nasty flue, had it since last week...yuk!
  • hi yer sorry i rushed off the other night, knackered, [actually im knackered now] how r u?
  • enjoyed browsing your pics...Hi from an ex Brechfa forest dweller.
  • sorry to vanish, cut off and could'nt get re-connected...but i am gonna go cause im really hungry, not had chance to eat all day, so gonna love n leave you, chat soon hopefully
  • my boys played noisily crash! bang! wallop! & there fights were & still r awful, mainly a lot of angry shouting & door slamming & my daughter is quieter but very demanding on me & very fussy but they all have their good points too
  • my boys always played noisily crash! bang! wallop! & fighting & my daughter shes quieter but very demanding on me & very fussy
  • yeh i know the feeling, my first too r boys & they r 16 & 14, but fortunately now that we moved my 14 year old catches coach & 16 year old catches train for college & i walk my 3 year old to playgroup & then before i know it i'll be walking her to bigger school!
  • hi yer, yeh i was feeling down & pissed off but im not too bad 2day thanks, i seem 2 be up & down all the time these days! how r u?
  • nice to meet you, chat soon