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  • Hi im jennifer and im new just wanted to say hello.
  • In 2009 you posted asking for a girlfriend for a polar bear plush made by grove international. Please forgive a random question from this stranger but do you still have polar bear? My disabled son despite me telling school he wouldn't cope loaned him class teddy a polar bear called pops made by grove international anyway he was made to give it back. I offered to buy it because my son was in tears had a panic attack he didn't see the plush as just a soft toy because he has a anthropomorphism belief in life and so pops the polar bear was so much more. Unsure what polar bear means to yourself but I have looked everywhere and Grove international no longer trade. So if you have polar bear plush and would you consider selling please? Link to Facebook page with pics of polar bear I seek
    Thanks for your time
  • so glad you like the lumineers, more soon
  • [IMG][/IMG][B][FONT=arial black][SIZE=5][COLOR=#800080]i missed you lots x x x x x x [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
  • thanks hunny the ash catchers arrived safely
    hugs sensi
  • Sending you peace and joy for Christmas xxx
  • Hello Stardust , how you doing , not chatted with you for age's ?
  • Let me know when package arrives hun xx
  • Hi Claire,
    How are things? I was just wondering if you know how big Bella's water tank is and how long it lasted you when you were living full time?

    Hope you're well.
  • Sweet thank you :)
    She is still in the garage, I told them to do it when they were quiet til I got the cash together, and the time is near. She is Bertha lol but she was a troop carrier I think she is a coach(ish)
    Good to hear you are all good, n hopefully see you soon. xx
  • Hey hun, how are you doing, all good n happy I hope. Stardust I have a query, I have a friend who is trying to rehome some goats and mini pigs, can and where do I post the thread?
  • hello lovely! we have a move date - 11th Nov!!!! all a bit mad here - living room full of half packed stuff - hall with loads of packed boxes stacked against the wall......just working my notice and then that's it!!!
  • The shorter the temporarynes the better. As a note for the future, would bunks be an option around the bed area? For the day when I get my own/buy yours. Both thees options are a long way off but I like to plan... and dream.
  • hi stardust how are you and bella doing? been a long time since i met you where does the time go!!
  • Milkchop's awake, see ya later!
  • Okely dokely, will get those bits in asap.

  • WOOF! ;) xx
  • Lovely bus and pictures. Inside is very homey. Live in all through winter too?
  • Jealous of Bellabus... well you technically as her occupants. Is there more pictures as I'm curious about how the interiors laid out? What was it originally? I know my buses (as a driver) but thats old and good. Does she keep rolling well re:spares and what not? Did you need to re-power it. Oh so many questions! I'm off to flap my arms with excitement over in the corner.
  • boo x
  • morning flower! ooops afternoon.....!!! xxx
  • hugs hunny
  • hello flower
    h and me are having a crafty day today and we are going to make a big chocolate cake but we thought we'd drop you a line to see how you are doing. are you settled now? give me a ding sometime on the landline if you want. we may go to the park if the rain stays off as we got a new kite[URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]to play with from tradecraft. it's been tipping it down here.....have a lovely day petal and speak soon.
    peace light love and hugs from hus both
    bee and h xxx
  • Just noticed your message! HI!!! Enjoy the lovely weather!
  • wherabouts u parked?
  • i luv ya bus too
  • morning lovely! hope you have a feel good day - i have just seen a big fat furry bumblebee at the window so that has to be a good sign. don't know where all this sun is supposed to be - sure as hell ain't in liverpool..... hugs, xxx
  • am now on vodafone..... xxx
  • ello petal! i missed your earthday flower!!! will be remedied asap!!!! love ya lots flower xxx
  • thank you for being you xxxxxxx