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  • Big kitty cuddles are definately called for, and his bed and hot water bottle are on standby for when he decides to show his face again! xx
  • Mmmm, yes - but I think that's a learned bahaviour. I think you could change if you wanted to and not stress yourself out. Next time you find the wee black cat - make sure you make a huge fuss and give him lots of cuddles before he sneaks off again!!! We had to take H's rescue guinea pig to the vet to have an abscess lanced and she was not happy and wouldn't come out of her wee house. On top of that too - I had to clean the wound out every day with saline and a seringe, so she really hated me for a bit. Henners made a huge fuss over her every day after school and she's talking to me again!!! It would be nice to explain to them that you really love them.
  • Yes, school holidays off would be ideal! I'm just about finished the retail horticulture diploma that I took in my last job. I have good plant knowledge and know the local plant market pretty well. I think it's just that it's a new place to me, and I think it'll be quite different to the last place. It's smaller, but I'll have to find out what sells well there and what their customers expect. I hope there's some way I can find out about their ordering history from last year. I have no experience with the ordering system either, and I've never been to a trade fair before. Really it's just the added responsibility that's worrying me I think. I've always been happy to work in the background, and this is going to be a lot more up-front. (I'm also quite good at over-thinking, and worrying about things unnecessarily, you may have noticed :o).
  • Thanks Bee :). That community project sounds brilliant, I'd love to get involved with something like that someday. Still feeling a bit worried about the ordering side of it to be honest, but hopefully once I get into the swing of things it'll be ok. It'll be good experience though if I can just get used to being more organised!

    Hope you had a good weekend :) xx
  • We'll sort out a date once the mad bit at the pub is done.

    Sussex is grand, and easier to get to for me!

    I think that after yesterday, it's defo time to look for something else. He's a twat and he called me a liar - he retracted it pretty damn quick, but that's really not the point. I've been here to long, and if I'm not careful I might go back to the less peaceful perso I was many years ago!

    Hope you all have a grand weekend.

  • I think that in the new year we should sort out a mini gathering - a day by the sea perhaps?

    Not for the cake! I meant just to meet up and say hello.

    Hope you have a nice weekend.

    :) x
  • Is better now you're back

    :) x
  • You know you're my friend!

    Good to see you on here

    :) x x
  • hey hun:) things here are groovy:) hope you and H are all
  • good to here its all going well, with an allotment is a bonus xx
  • Loving the new flat and we have an allotment too. Brilliant being so close to town - get to pop in and see friends and hang out, go to birthday parties rather than hear about them. It's brilliant. H is loving his new school. We are all very happy...all that's missing is a job! Will PM you the numbers..... xxx
  • soz mate i lost your number could u pm it to me? Hows life in your new home? hope u r all well xx
  • hiya hunny
    im so sad we never managed to get together before you left my fault i know nerves and all that malarky
    all well here lee sends big hugs and im sending huge hugs for you and the boys
    a special cuddle for h
    good luck with the job hunting and enjoy your weekend x x x x
  • I'm grand my dear!

    hope all is good with you all

    :) x
  • Morning Bee, How you feeling now, have the sinuses cleared any, and how did the job interview go ? Yeah being happy makes a hell of a difference, that's not saying I wasn't happy without a guy though of course lol, it's just added a different dimension to my life, being loved with passion. I'm sure the universe will sort it out for you to have a guy in your life, if it thinks that's what you need :) Did you do anything for your mate birthday yet ? Look up zentangles online, they're funky and fun to do. lotsa luv xxx
  • Thank you - I've E-mailed the link to our baggy.
    Last night was good thanks. Liz was out at a college reunion until about 10, but when she got back we got chatting with my mate, and didn't get to bed til 1. 6.30 was far to early to have to leave, but we managed it somehow........
    How's your day? All good i hope?

    :) x
  • Where is it? Sounds like the frozen north to me

    :) x
  • Hello, dear one! Glad to hear your move went well and glad you have a landline again - it's horrible to be without one. I know how horrible it is with a job search. One reason I went self-employed. Hope something turns up for you soon. I can't imagine, with your background, that you wouldn't be snapped up by someone. We are doing well - lots of heavy frost here and some beautiful snows right before Christmas. Business is going well. I switched hosts in November and I am so happy with the the host and the look of the site. If you haven't seen it lately, give it a quick look. Having a sale now and then will do something in February for Valentines. I have every faith that it will go from strength to strength. Now a member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers and FreeIndex. Moving ever onwards!
  • yes yes :) right have to sort van out xxx
  • Moving to Pm
  • yes but i think the sea might be a bit wet :D
  • me going oyher way , I get very comfuuused at times :eek:xxx
  • yes on i player. H was allowed to stay up as he is so into science and maths and astronomy. He was on the live chat and furiously typing questions but sadly didn't get any answered. are you travelling down to Wilts? on a school day? Will PM you out new addy so you can pop in perhaps on the way back? It's not too far off your track, ha ha! xxx
  • i missed it last night :( xxx will check to see if on iplayer :) me doing travels to day :hippy:
  • Hello sweet lady,
    I'm ok, getting by, as we say.
    Have good days and bad ones. Yesterday was a bad one because I was so tired.
    Today will be better as Liz is over tonight, and will be staying at the pub.
    Hope that you have a good day.
    :) x
  • Morning Bee, Thanks for that link about tumeric, I read about it and good job I did, because its not a good thing to use when you've got an ulcer ( which I have ) and it can also react again certain ulcer medicines, the one I take is on the list, so I think I'll give it a miss. Jim bought me some cod liver capsules as a half jokey thing for my birthday, and I have to say it's helped ease the aches and pains a bit. Whats changed my life the most since being here with Jim is being able to get out and about all the time. What a difference that's made to my quality of life.
    I finished doing the 6 little embossed copper panels last night, so now comes the fun bit heating them to get lovely rainbow colours and mounting them in their frames :) Take care of yourself, and take notice of what Evs said. It's all very well saying kids need to get out and about, but if that causes you to be ill, then that rather defeats the object don't you think lol. xxxx
  • Hi hun,,, Brrrr its chilly same day as you! Send me your email addy and I'll send you and H a special pic or 2. Take care xxx
  • Hello :) I'm feeling fine now thank you! How are you? I've missed seeing you around here! I hope you're having a lovely day xxxx
  • Good afternoon Bee! I hope you're feeling ok today? xxxx
  • I go to the small island to dance and see my friends, I'm afraid that's all there is there now.


    But at least we are managing friends mostly