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  • Hi to a fellow Lancashire lass :ppp:insane:
  • I'm good now thanks . How are you
  • i don't know if i'll be holidaying this year , i've got to sort my money out a bit after last year . Might make it down to cornwall to see friends
  • where you going on holiday ?
  • I'm ok thanks . What you been up to ?
  • Hello mate how are you ? not chatted for ages
  • Like your message about labels, what is that mushroom in your avatar?
  • Like your comment about labels!
  • Hi Teasel. Things are going pretty good I think. I actually went to the local yoga and meditation society last night, (noticed yoga on your page) It's all very new and interesting. The meditation part was really strange...

    How are things for you?
  • A fellow mushroom lover in the north west :) Nice to meet you.
  • im fine thanks,still finding my way around this forum which seems bigger to me somehow : )
  • i'm doing ok thanks . how's life with you ?
  • i'm doing ok thanks . how's life with you ?
  • i'm doing ok thanks . how's life with you ?
  • I'm good thanks . it's been bloody hot here today,i'm now chilling out and cooling down.
  • Hello mate how are you ?
  • No probs....nice to be invited :)
  • Hiya :waves:
  • :waves:Hi Thanks for adding me to your friends
  • hello :D hope youve had a good day
  • [COLOR=Magenta]:waves:[B][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS] morning lovely! [/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Magenta]:hug: [SIZE=2] i really don't like these long weekends [/SIZE][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2]and two in a row....it's just confusing really - and i am not alone, young h said that he thought last night was sunday!!! :rolleyes: tbh if it were in the summer then i wouldn't mind so much:sunflower we are due snowlater - again :xcoolsnow have a wonderful day whatever you do and whatever the weather! [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=Magenta]:flower:[/COLOR][COLOR=Magenta]
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]You alright ? [/FONT]
  • hey .. no worries ... i was just thinking of my own body at that point :D
  • [FONT=Georgia]Whats happened today ? [/FONT]
  • :ppThats what you say bet its because you hate me ! So do you belive in nature spirits ?
  • ha no it were'nt suppose delete like that!
  • where has our conversation gone ? does this mean we have to start all over again ?
  • Ilove all of nature and like walking in the park near me making friends with the trees and watching the changes of the seasons.Also firm beliver in nature spirits do you belive in them ?
  • I love all trees really, spent my childhood playing in woods,what else do you like to do with nature and such?
  • yea i like all trees always have really,spent my childhood playing in the woods.A tree house, would of loved one of them!what else are you into?