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  • Hi! Who knows maybe one day you will visit this place again. I wanted to say, I was last Thursday in Birmingham and I went to your work, but they told me that you are upstairs. Sad that Zen is moving, because I have no idea where is Custard factory. :/ Any way...would like to meet and chat again one day!!! Good luck!
  • Yeah where you gone, not posting on here and phone numbers dead.. have you done one somewhere???
  • Hi! How are you? Are you working in the same place? I visit some time The Zen shop, but never saw you. :) Never mind, just hope everything is fine!
  • Hello! great to see you....its been a long time!! how is all with you?
  • I really miss your letters in here. :(
  • Hey! Can I go tommorow before 5pm? If I will get luck, then Nuttykitten could come as well! Se ya!
  • [IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b107/rachylcg182/2f2f9b4b.jpg[/IMG]
  • thanx! :)
  • That amkes a lot of senese, all I know is I wasnt happy doing what I was before and this year will be more experimentory than anything, I want to explore all my options and see where I end up! :)
  • hey thats cool, glad you enjoyed the corse. im feeling really good and happy today...my limbs ache a bit...but apart from that.....but u know...good vibes are allways apprechiated =D
    i hope you have had a good start to the week. i been in town till just now. mooching around...:OP i love doing that!! x
  • Honestly, I havent a clue... I love photography, but I dont think I'm cut out for the industry, it almost takes the expression out of art. I'm thinking maybe something related with care work... and if I do hold down a job I'll be saving to travel with my friend, so we shall see! :)
  • I agree with you :)
  • Lots! Going to Edinburgh again tomorrow, Bought waaaaayyy to many books and dvds
    Eek!but! :D Its my money so who cares?!
  • =D happy monday.... :Op hope u have fun doing that corse today!! x
  • OH REALLY? Haha, I do know the difference! But I havent been about so didnt know she had changed her avatar, thank you :P
    Well I've just been doing lots of thinking and have decided to take a year out of college and work while I figure out what I want to do with my life!
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Im going to find some chocolate in a bit ! but not much planed today do my reiki course tomorrow so excited about that ! Happy easter to you to just dont eat to much chocolate ! xx[/FONT]
  • nice one! yeah i have just been chilling out...not doing alot at all...i have started crocheting a poncho for me...lmao...:Os...the house is a bit of a mess, but i guess that dosnt run away...lol...just having some coffee...and then i suppose ill stretch my muscles a bit....what about u? happy easter btw! x
  • i had a cool day thanx, havent been up to alot, but that was just what i needed.
    what about yourself?
  • Easter I'll spend with my family :) Have nice Easter! I think soon we will meet :)
  • Hellooo...almost got you mixed up with misty there with the new avatar! Life is going brilliantly, at least I think! Sorry I havent messaged you in a while, havent been round here much - hows all with you?
  • Not too bad! what about brum?
  • Yes....yes I am;) Hahha
    I'm in SCotland:P You?
  • good to hear all is well aye when the techno stuff plays up it can be a pain in the arse we are well ok enjoying the mountains and meeting some cool people

  • Great...maybe I will :)
  • Ooh Niice.
    Too right you have xD
  • im planning to check that shop out. im just really strapped for time atm, if not b4, ill deffo make it in my week off end of the month.
    there is so much running round to do for me atm, i cant remember what me couch looks like....lmao.
    have you got any plans for ur easter w/e?
    thanks for offering ur email, but its ok...i was just wondering if u had msn, for a general chat sometime. but hopefully ill make it to brum soon! =D
  • Where is that shop? :) I'm scared of tarot...of hearing about future, past and other my lifes.
  • Ich bin gut danke, Wie ghets?
  • its going ok, work is stressing me out a bit at the moment...i so want to make a drastic career change, but dont know how to go about it exactley. have you got msn?
  • for myself....what could i read interesting, listen or make...just searching for muse everywhere :) What's new in your life?