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  • Hello sis,
    How's you?
  • Hello mi dear, could you pm me the contact details for the farmer at Dovedale? I want to ask about us lot camping in the smaller field on the left, that we have used the last two years. You will be our neighbour again this year won't you? I have new arrows with suckers on them 😉 cheers steve
  • Hi, my phone isnt showing a pm option, but could you possibly send me a pm of the ashbourne campsite details please :) thanks x
  • Morning :) yes , when all else fails ,like often they can , we can always turn to a good old cup of Tea . { Let the rest of the World carry on in there Chaos .Were all none the wiser when were gone {lol} Hope your having a nice day ,:waves: { Lloyd }
  • i did reply chick but not sure if they sendin properly? lol
  • lol Yer i might be a Loony:insane: but I'm your friendly Loony :insane: ol . I think i might have got a little bit of cold in my back yesterday , and I've not done anything heavy today so maybe it need a bit of work to keep me going
  • Hello:waves: just thought you might like a message from me on here :D Take care mate :waves:
  • [url]http://www.looneyland.freeserve.co.uk/bedford.htm[/url]
  • It's so sad, isn't it? I hope I didn't ruin it for you, waiting for something bad to happen. It was so happy before that! :(
  • Hey :waves: Yeah sounds good lemme know when suits ya x
  • Hey... i`m one of you now!! Move went well a bit stressful ha but am starting to get everything sorted. Was gonna give you a shout next week actually and see if you wanted to come visit? :D

    Am working nights next week but the week after i`ll be at home from the Mon (24th) till the Wednesday...dunno what your work rota is but i could make you some grub for lunch or dinner if you get a break?? I`m sure i remember something about cake too :whistle:
  • I would, but your in box is full............

  • Hey you!

    Clear your inbox!!

  • Thanks for that, hopefully all will be well for next year :)
  • I'll cross everything for you xx
  • Oh no, is the van playing up ?
  • Eeeeeee 'ello flower ! Only hidious storms will keep me from Dovedale xxxx
  • Thanks DD :). It went ok, hard work though - looking forward to an early night! xxx
  • You, my friend, are blooming great.

    :) x
  • Thanks for the reminder m'dear
  • I like your signature.
  • Many thanks for your kind message...oh and I am told your chocolate cakes are the best ever!!!!!!
  • ooo hello you. I'm a it all over the place as usual, life is busy with good and bad. I'm looking at a van at the mo, the guy says it's LEZ compliant, but I don't believe him, I'm gonna ring the dvla and check. I've asked Harry about it and he says it looks good. If all goes well I will come and visit to catch up. How are you, have things carmed down a bit for you ?
  • Awww Thanks hun things seem to be on the up at last fingers crossed xx
  • Hi hun, thankyou so much for my swap i love it and guess what i had just run out of lavender.
    The shortbread is yummy, lee is tucking into it with kelly and emma i had to quickly grab a piece before it all went. Cant wait until april lets hope we finally get to meet :) Hugs sensi xx xx xx
  • Thank you for the card! Merry Christmas! :D xxx
  • You're very welcome! Glad you like it! :) xx
  • :hug:Hello matey, hope you're feeling better today
  • Hello!

    :) x