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  • Hiya i think its thinking of you that helps me cope too just knowing that i arent the only one feeling like that it brings a certain normality to it, My mum is able to look at photos now she had a really important photo that she had to find and once she found it, it was like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.
    Unfornetly i cant work because i have certain disabiltys and memory problems but if theres ever a day when i can work i'd really love to be a dog trainer. I'm 22 and want to go to collage and as awful as it sounds it will be easier for me to go now that meg has gone because she doesnt need the routine throughout the day although i'd give anything to get that routine with her back i know i cant so i have to think that way. Hope you have a good day at work and those chickens dont cause you too much trouble ;)
  • I think of you everytime I see an industrial hoover................ :insane:
  • here you are xxxx hello you:)
  • Told ya lovely xxx light speed me can be every where at the same time , warp 10.6 ha ha ha
  • Morning Gorgeous xxxx
  • Hello my lovely xxxxxxxxxx is you all ok and stuff xxx
  • sweetcorn and corgettes need to go in..Jamie`s just done his exam ...thinks he did ok!! not much else to do before work! x x x x
  • what you planting babe ? is you all ok ?
  • i dont know how long that holes been there but it needs sealing asap , its not good
  • i could only see little pics coz them on msn , but it dont look a problem , that hole needs sealing
  • Arrrr sweetheart :hug::hug::hug: xxxx i will be home soon :)
  • coz i know you look there ha ha ha ha xxxxxxx
  • just in case what?????????

    damn did it again!!!!!!!
  • ha ha ha i put that there just in case xxxxxxxx
  • Ha ha ha ha ha xxxx your daft
  • Dog is missing cats I think. I just keep getting sad eyes looking at me!!!

    I must stop posting on my own wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hello you xxxxx whats ya doing ? hows me dog is it still nuts ... ho yer me asked ya that xxxx
  • A Misses xxxx me like kind of loving you loads :D
  • Really Wednesday ........... really Ha ha ha ha , dont cause to much trouble ,
  • I am going to that miserable work place thingy !!!!! Because today is WEDNESDAY!!!! Just so you know!!!
  • Hello you xxx :) what you up to ?
  • hey there hows things flower? when are you guys heading up this way? xxx
  • hi darlin - not here very often but still here in spirit. I have a feeling that you are due up here at some point! don't forget to call. Jeff has my number, hugs bee
  • when are you guys heading in this direction? jeff has my number so don't forget to give me a ding missus!!! xxx
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • simon can call in on his way home from london on friday to get the seat
  • Hi babe :) hope youve had a good day :hippy: :flower::flower::flower::flower::flower: xxx
  • Your'e welcome hun, thank you for the lavender - it made the rest of our post smell lovely! Hope you're enjoying the book :)
  • Thank you

  • Thank you :)