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  • How are the babies today sweetie xx
  • I was doing some experiments at work, looking at DNA. I will get it to work tomorrow. I love cooking too. Although i eat meat, i only eat happy animals i.e. those that are organic and free range, but i do mainly eat vegetarian. I dont have a garden:( but i still love cooking so much. I used to be a chef so i try to understand ingredients and flavour. It makes such a difference. Sometimes i find it hard to understand people who prefer ready-made meals. Your kids sound so sweet. How many do you have. I have heard from some of my friends who have children, that they too found it hard to wean their children off breast milk. I guess its good though if they get a good nights sleep. Have you tried other alternatives to anti-histamines? my mum has acupunture for her hayfever
  • Unfortunatley i dont have children, although i am getting very broody. As a scientist, i can say that the maternal antibodies you have in breastmilk are absorbed by the baby within the first few months, although research does suggest that breastfeeding for longer is also beneficial. So i wouldnt feel too bad about it. Remember you need to look after yourself too in order to be the best mother.

    I think ive had the worst day for a long time. I got a prank phone call at 3am last night, so i was really tired and none of my assays were successful at work!!! Grrrrr!!! So im doing lots of cooking tonight as that tends to relax me somewhat.

    I wish i had your day today, it sounds fab!!
  • Hi there! thanks for accepting my friendship. How has your day been?
  • You asked if I was a climber. Unfortunately not, I just don't have the head for heights, but my brother is. He hasn't done it for a while though, when he was at climbing club at school he used to set routes. Although I do enjoy bouldering and scrambling sometimes.
  • Yeah, gotta keep an open mind - massive risk of missing out on meeting some really useful, interesting and decent people otherwise.
  • Guess I wasn't looking in the right places:rolleyes: - definitely never saw hippies in town. All chavs or spolit rich kids.
  • Good luck with job hunting :thumbup: Reigate's ok really, just never met many good uns when I was over there.
  • :five: Indeed! Thanks for that, its nice to find like minded people! :D
  • Yay!! i do worry that my bluntness upsets people, but I do it with good intention... :D xx
  • Hello, sorry if I have upset you with my input on your thread on breastfeeding, I am just being inquisitive.... All the best! :D
  • It was pretty good, quiet though, watched lots of movies on TV.
  • Hope you had a good Christmas? Like the yellow profile :)
  • did you have a good christmas? What did you do?
  • Heya :) Hope you had a nice christmas. xxx
  • And a new friend to me as well! And linked to two of my other favourite people on this site. You show good taste, grasshopper!
  • ooerr.. a new friend..and lovely cute baby pics.:thumbup::)
  • Thanks! :) I don't think I have fully figured my way around this site yet - I will get there!
  • messages here yet then.. just won't do.. well there is now:hippy::pp