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  • hi aelin do you know if fi posted the air wear i bought from her? i paid her on dec 23rd direct into the bank?
  • hey there flower! hope all is good with you guys. sending you all a cyber hug....
  • hi lewis hope your well was wondering if fi still wanted the tent i really need it gone hun
    hugs and love to all x x x need a meet soon
  • has the parcel arrived hunny
  • hi hun could you tell fi im sending today
    due to family crisis i couldent get my head together
    thanks for your message hun means a lot
    hugs sensi
  • morning flower!
  • hey there! hope all is well with you and the family.... just wondering if evanna got the package with the oil i mailed her? xxx
  • hunny what dates you booking i was thinking gathering first half of week
  • hello flower! sending you and the tribe hugs from over the other side of the pennines!
  • morning flower! just poppin by to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • can you pass a message on to fi for me hunny
    tell her im sorry ill get the top posted tomorrow
    things have been crazy here
    and not really in a good way
    but as the song goes
    "things can only get better"
    hugs hun
  • morning flower - how are things with you guys? am just popping in for what is fast becoming a weekly visit. love and hugs to you all xxx
  • hi darlin - haven't been on here much lately - loads of things happening and no time. i jjust saw your thread about the wedding place thingys etc - and we too missed these as they were cleared away before we got a chance to pop them in a bag so if you still have them we'd love them! this was h's first wedding so was hoping it could go in his scrap book! sending you something for kiby soon. hugs to you both xxx
  • did you get my text hun
  • I'm so glad she liked them! Little one loves the beanie baby, lucky is now his favourite toy :D
  • Hey up you both (that's a lovely pic btw)

    When's a good time to try and get over?- I know I owe you some money - sorry I've been so slack.. Been working from home a bit - and when I haven't I've been at work till stupid o'clock. Grrrrr. :(

    Give me a shout and I'll try and sort something out. Hope you're all safe and well, see you soon x L
  • Because you bloody drank it all? I had cider, but thats gone now :( Have fun today :P
  • I have no rum. And mornings are never good, you should know that :P
  • Will do hunny thanks
    Hoarding is one of my fav pastimes I think it should be an Olympic sport lol
  • Hiya how's you guys doing
    What ya been. Up too
    It's done nothing but rain here last night we had rain thunder lightning and golf ball sized. Hail stones ..... Well they were big
    Crazy and it's summer.... Go figure
    Well you have a great day what ever your up too
    I'm off to hospital in a bit with silly ste who has done his back in building a dry stone wall
  • we are great - got to do a late shif today so i won't be home till after 10.30 pm, wo no night cuddles for me! we are still carless or we would have come to visit you!
  • morning you! hope all is well with you guys....sending you all love and hugs!
  • not too bad thanks
    thought you couldnt make silverfale hun we put it on hold cause it seemed that was the concensus
  • hey hun did you get the tent collected
    hope your all well love sensi
  • Some distance from them a large herd of pigs was feeding. 31 The demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.” matthew 8:30 remember
  • no nothing serious hun you have a good day
  • Hiya hunny how's you guys
    What's the weather been like were you are
    I think yesterday was the only day I have seem sunshine for ages
    So what you guys up to today
    Think I'm having Skye this afternoon
    Donna had a small operation last week on her ear and won't come out the house till bandage is removed LOL
    You take care what ever you decide to do
    Love to all sensi
  • Could you ask jay though hunny x x love to fi and koby
  • I see your not going Essex hunny if you want to ask jay if he could bring your stuff up to mine cause he's already bringing some boots from
    It would be cheaper to courier it from mine and there would be no rush I would just store. It with mine
    Hugs sensi
  • I know said it should ease off by dinner but I'm not sure what to do ste reckons still go it will be fun LOL what do you reckon