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  • ahh see you are :)) u hippy rofl xx
  • boo, dunno if your on here anymore, i just pop on now and again, see ya on fb otherwise :))) xx
  • i wish i didn't ask now... cos you've made me jealous :P
  • i doo fine, how dooo you? :P
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • 'I like my women, like I like my coffee......COVERED IN BEES!!!' :D
  • Was that a bit of grit? Was that money...or the treasure of the Sierra Madre :D
  • Thought you might enjoy this....

  • :hug: morning flower! :sunflower looks like another beeeeautiful day - no skiving yesterday but going to prestatyn today!!! :monster: have another sunny choon :flower: and enjoy the weekend whatever you're up to!:sun:xxx
    [ame=""]YouTube- Sunshine Girl by The Parade (1967)[/ame]
  • :)morning flower! :sunflower lovely and bright here but rather re-decoration coming on a treat. i really want to skive off to wales for the day!!! i should be cutting up tiles mosaic size and getting started on the bit that needs tiling! :sunflower as i'm technically taking some holiday time - i feel i should be sharing a tune in the morning and continuing on the sun theme ... hope you enjoy this one!:hug:
    [ame=""]YouTube- Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower Jam - I Know You Rider - Europe '72[/ame]
  • :hippy:morning flower! :sunflowerno fun today for me - i'm off to do a ten hour cover shift at midday. not too bothered tho - it's a really wet day here. i did a corner of the kitchen last night lovely lime green ... it'll certainly wake us up in the morning!!! will get stuck in tomorrow and start the mosaicing next week as i'm taking a couple of days off time owing. have you got anything good planned for this weekend? :flower:have a wonderful day whatever you do! :hug: xxx
  • :hippy:mornin flower! :sunflower feeling good this morning - i got a call yesterday and i got my old new and improved job back....which frankly is a relief. i'd have felt a right turnip if i hadn't got this one but got another and then turned it down. :) not so bright and sunny here today but wishing you a bright day anyway:hug:
  • :waves: morning lovely! :hug: due to technical problems we have been off line for a while...:sunflower i know have a clean house and have been doing things i don't normally do with all the time left over from not playing with the hippies :flower: anyway, normal morning service is now resumed! :lsd: have a beautiful sunshiney day :sun: xxx
  • :flower: morning flower! :hug: at the risk of sounding repetitive....woohoo! i got the now i have to start packing!!!! :sunflower it looks like we are going to have a beautiful day here :lsd: have a great weekend :sunflowerxxx
  • :waves: morning lovely! :) i didn't get the first job....but not at all sad as the commuting would have been a nightmare..... bognor - took me 1.5hrs to get there and that wasn't at rush hour crashes or roadworks......:eek: thank you universe. interestingly it was the job that the application form went poof into cyber space so it wasn't ment to be. i had the second interview for the first job day before yesterday......that's the one i really want. however, having had my family together again and seen how wonderful the dynamics are whatever happens i will be moving down to brighton in the next couple of months. even if i don't get a job first - mmm bit nuts but my contract here will be at an end mid june anyway. it's wierd but my head has already left's just the stuff that is still here.... any way peeps - normal service will be resumed now i'm back on line....have a beautiful day. :hippy:
  • :hippy:morning flower! :waves: it's a lovely sunny one again lucky are we getting? hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow too for our travels...:flower::sunflower i won't be on here for about a week as i won't have internet access...if you remember please send me lots of positive vibes 5pm monday coming and 2pm on friday - those are my interview times. i have applied for jobs in east sussex as it's gettin too expensive trying to support my son too who is studying down there....he is gettin really depressed and not eating, getting sick, missing classes, so best that we move down there and all live under one roof. since i told him that i have interviews for jobs he sounds like a totally changed person. we need this as a family... :sunflower:flower: have a beautiful weekend and a great week! :hug:
  • [URL=""][IMG]…73_easter_egg_clipart.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Easter Egg design went from the traditional to the psycheldelic design round the time the Easter Bunny began growing his own grass.
    [COLOR=Purple][SIZE=5][B]Hippy Easter!!!![/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  • :sunflower morning flower! :woohoo: it's such a beautiful morning...:sun: feeling quite energetic :bounce: :sunflower have a wonderful easter weekend :hug:
  • :waves: morning flower! :flower: running a little late today - i have to adjust to the hour change. :sunflower have a fab day :hug:
  • Arr lucky you! I'm totally skint, I would love a crazy night out with lots of jumping about - not sure what I shall be doing ......hhhmmmmm??..... have fun!! xx
  • morning flower! have a lovely weekend.....and a tune...
    [ame=""]YouTube- Wailin' Jennys - Arlington[/ame]
  • Result! Always good to hang onto those fingies!!
    I hope the birds appreciate your kindness xxx
  • Morning! I'm good thanks, had a few internet connection probs but all sorted now :) How are you??
  • :hippy: morning flower! :waves: think it's going to be a bit of an indoor crafty day today....really not up for a soggy time out doors!:sunflower have a lovely weekend:hug: and a have a tune.....
    [ame=""]YouTube- Celtus Waiting for the rain[/ame]
  • wtf? that is disgusting!! they didn't name them the "devil's fruit" for nothing you know!!
  • :hippy:morning flower! :hug::sunflower:sunflower have a beautiful day! :redsun:
  • ahaha!!! Tomatoes ARE wrong!! I HATE them!
  • :waves: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=Green]good morning! and happy st patrick's day[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][COLOR=black][COLOR=black][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Green][IMG][/IMG] [/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Green]have a beautiful day and avoid green guiness - i'm sure it isn't good for you!!!!:sunflower[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • :waves: good morning flower! :hippy3: the sky is trying to be blue here - but an indoor day for me anyway :sun2:have a lovely day:hug:
  • is that the new haircut then on the avatar?