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  • Oh you look so very pretty my dear!
  • hello you too :D I noticed youd been around on and off,glad youre still alive :) Is life any better/easier?
    I think my first job as childrens minister would be ordering the assassination of grown ups who just dont effin get it :P I'm a closet psycho-Dictator really and should never be given power ;)
  • Just popping by to say hello and to see how you are :)
  • Well the bed didnt eat me,the fumes didnt kill me and the roof didnt spontaneously combust so all in all a successful night :D And I'm running mahoosively late so fk knows why I'm pratting about on here :rolleyes: have a good day,tis meant to be good n sunny :)
  • It made my heart beat faster than is healthy :D Not sure what caused it yet,somehow the chimney set fire to the fibreglass lining in the roof :eek:.No noticeable damage beyond a few burn holes in the carpet,the worst of its out of sight.Am colleging tomorrow so gotta wait till saturday to get up on the roof/dismantle chimney and see what went wrong.Lucky its summer ;)
    Straight after that though a heavy glass ball thing thats been happily hanging from an unrelated part of the roof fell on my dogs head :eek: Shes ok but I'm off to bed now before anything else happens :eek:
  • Gah.I managed to get it to print off the vitally-important-deadline-tomorrow work,after spending about a hour hunting for the new ink cartridge that wasnt where I thought I'd put it:wall: (although turns out it [I]was[/I],it was just cunningly invisible and only revealed itself when I had nowhere left to look :rolleyes:) But the fuckers still flashing lights,making noises and generally moaning at my audacity in making it perform :mad:
    And my roof caught fire tonight :eek: So I'm not having a great day :P
    Hope alls well with you :)
  • Hiya,sorry for the snail speed reply :P nah,I didnt get it fixed but was ok.Gonna do it now coz need to print this damn stuff.So if the sky turns black its coz its hiding from my swearing :D Saw you had printer probs too,bloody things,hope its all fixed now.Bloody things :wall:
  • Love your avatar choice :)
  • Good morning to you too :) I'm ideally looking for something in a library or book shop/music shop, but I'm not fussy really, just as long as it isn't working in a bloody office 9 - 5! Or a pub kitchen, tried that before :vomit: Working with animals could be cool too :) They've got me on this new program called Stepping Stones (don't ask! :p) but they're actually being quite helpful for a change, so they should be able to help me get what I want without too much trouble!

    My avatar is a photo I took of a black tulip in the cloister of Salisbury cathedral :D
  • Same as you actually... Don't have the option of a lie in now either, I've gotta go to the fucking job centre :rolleyes:
  • Dear God Clare, what on earth are you doing up this early?! :whistle: :pp
  • Hahaha :madlol: Well, I see from your post on the thread that it wasn't a complete disaster, so well done! :P :D

    The Dorset gathering was awesome thanks, a good time was had by all :D
    There was music, singing and dancing, fires, a human pyramid, poi spinning, and maybe a little alcohol... :whistle: It was great fun :D It was lovely to meet so many forum people :hippy3: The campsite itself was beautiful too :)
  • Hello Clare, how's life treating you?
  • Hi Clare - I thought maybe I'd frightened you off with unhippyish tales of big numbers! But, yes, I have had news in the past few days. My offer would be approximately £30k, tax free ... and therefore it's something I going to take almost three seconds to think about. :)

    I'll definitely be going for it - but there's a slim chance they'll turn my request down, as it would mean they'd have to lose this post, and they wouldn't be allowed to refill it. While I'm not "irreplaceable" the computer support I do is here's hoping!

    I'll know more in a couple of weeks, I think.

    Thanks for the message - and I'll keep all informed!

  • You auditioning for a part on Casualty at the mo? Hope your arm feels better soon,and you get the results you want next week :)
  • Dorset god?! :madlol: Haha, I'm more likely to be overwhelmed by them to be honest! :o :insane:

    Yes, I'm up late/early again... Must be excitement at the thought of being let loose on all those hippy chicks :reddevil: :pp
  • Shes a 'proper' cat :D A lot less feral now shes an old lady but still not to be messed with.And she has a sixth sense about cameras and buggers off at the crucial moment so pics of her are generally a blur :)
    Good luck with your applications,and night night :waves:
  • hello,youre up late :) Tis my sons excuse for a cat-Smudgy.Mine objects to having her pic taken :D
    I've been around,just havent had much to happens occasionally :whistle:
    Hows you? I saw your thinking about studentdom thread,you going with the follow your dreams over 'job security' thing then :) Good plan :thumbup:
  • Ouch, that sounds nasty :eek: But it's good that you're well enough now to go back to work! :)

    Behave myself?! HA! :reddevil: :P
  • Yeah I had a great time, thanks :D Doing it again this weekend, at the Dorset gathering :happydanc

    Ooooh, congrats on getting a job, where are you working?
  • Hi there Simbelmyne, how are you? Been up to much? :)
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Thats the fun thing about these they can show what you feel inside ! Cant really see it in this pic but there is a little guinea pig under my arm he is my best mate ![/FONT]
  • hello official friend :pp :waves:
    You do know you wont be able to get rid of me now :whistle:
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]And whats wrong with being a ninja elemental fairy anyway ?[/FONT]
  • sounds like a good deal to me :D x
  • I think Mr Hicks would have a field day with the way things are at the moment...especially seeing as a lot of people seem to have lost their sense of humour...

    Hey nice to meet you to..
  • Loving the Bill Hicks quote on your blurb
  • thats a cool profile picture.
  • Oh and let me know next time you're gonna be round this way, I'd love to meet up for a drink or whatever :D
  • Lovepants?! Hahaha that's brilliant :madlol: :insane:

    Well as much as I wanted to devote my attention to her, I went to bed and fell fast asleep not long after I posted that :yawn: She's probably at home and fast asleep herself now :D