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  • As you live in LA, I was wondering if you know of any weekly accommodation places? Any you would not recommend. I would want to be not too far from public transport.
    • Hmm. Temporary accomodation is usually either very expensive or very seedy. "Safe" end hotels (Marriott, Hilton etc) go for at least $175 a night and more closer to the city. Cheaper places like Motel 6, Travelodge and their ilk, tend to be populated by the homeless, people fleeing dangerous situations, and people who just got kicked out by their wife.

      I think the cleverer people who are staying longer term use AirBNB or similar, but I've not got much to tell you about quality or prices. I know they can go down to $20 or so per night.

      Public transport is patchy. Anywhere in Downtown is OK, but beyond that you would need to be make sure you are on one of the train lines. Bus services are very poor.

      When are you thinking of coming over? Be lovely to meet you!
    • Not sure. Just toying with the idea ATM.It would be a bit cold there ATM?
    • No, a lot warmer than the UK. Here in the San Fernando Valley (northwest of the city) It can get down to 5 on a cold night, but it's often 15-20 on a sunny day in midwinter. There is a lot of variation in temperature between night and day because the air is so dry.
  • hello my darling xxxx