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  • Now the summers ended all the students are back in college aint they so there'll probably be some jobs goin now :) And not alot tbf! It was only the one night that was the big party night but that night i must have stayed in the cold alot cos ive come back with a cold. Hopefully recover for college on monday though! xx
  • Nahh she was a sweety tbf :) And im good yeh, still recovering from my newquay trip though and been back almost a week lol. What you doin with yourself september? Uni, college? x
  • Nahh i wanted Siovash to win! (Cannot spell his name at all :|) but yeh! How you been anyways? x
  • Rach! You pleased with the restult of BB? x
  • oh my word! they are simply the bestest shooz ever!! (saves like mad.....)
  • hehe, well whilst on the beach in Norfolk with my mum last week i was getting myself in a tiz about wearing my new swimsuit as i have been having a bit of trouble with my weight. & then i found that piccy of Miss Monroe & i realised i didnt look any larger than her :) so that made me rather happy
    plus i have a rather 50's red polkadot bikini!!!!
  • thankyou for accepting me :O) hope you ok x x x
  • I do too but i don't have it. And I think the ending is puffy.
  • Neither Have I. I love number 3. I don't know why; but when I was watching Twilight the Indian guys reminded me of it.
  • We should watch Ginger Snaps next week when you're better. Number 1 and 3.
  • Thanks, great to meet you too, glad you had a goodun
  • :waves: and hello to you, twas nice meeting you too. Yeah Joe is pretty cool and yep the spitting image of me at his age..... :D see you soonish....:)
  • Hi Rachel, It was great to meet you too.
    Did you manage to sneak a ferret out of the festival? lol
    Take care xxx
  • Heya Rachel. Are you back in Birmingham? If you are I'd like you to come round tomorrow sometime, maybe stop over, 'cause I've got tons of plans and wont be in Birmingham until the 14tha from Monday.

    Hope everything's well x
  • hey racheal, nice to meet you, hows the birmingham hippie scene? if there is one or we all on our own paths !
  • Old mother hubbard,
    Looked in the cupboard,
    To fetch poor doggy a bone.
    As she bent down,
    The dog came around,
    And gave her a bone of his own
  • Hiya how are you? i'm alex new to this site looking to make brummy friends, take care
  • Yeah man, i love them xD ya cant beat a bit of good old ska
  • The specials are really energetic on stage :O
    They back in brum in november!
    Probs already sold out though...
    *strangles a vase*
  • Dieded now :(
  • Yeah man :D im in the lead even though im on this aswell haha
  • Playin nazi zombies
    Im not nerdy at al.l.
  • Sweet xD
    You up to much?
  • Hiya! Soz i stopped talkin yesterday, my reception went and i didnt get it back til this mornin :O
    Enjoy your pissup?
  • I tend to catch trains more. whenever i go out its mostly to town and i live by a train station xD
    Theres much worse illegal things i could be doing.
    As bill hicks says, weed should not only be legal, it should be compulsory!
  • Im sound, just posted my mate some money for my weekend piss-up/stonage :P
    Its a bit sweaty on this bus...
  • Rachel lalalaaa
    How you doin? :D
  • Well,usually, im pretty damn sweet, so its safe to assume that im probably good. I dont really take much in these days :s im havin a bit of a wierd phase
  • Im probably goood (H) yourself?
  • Just thought id say you look lovely in that profile picture xP