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  • [URL="http://gifgifs.com/"]hey:)cant copy it but its called GIF GIFS .com -[/URL] some ace little pics there :waves::beard:
  • yaay :thumbup: keep em coming paul:D..in your own time;)
  • :)just click on the name of who ya wanna leave a visitor message to,or it will go to yourself. :beard::D
  • :waves:cheers for my birthday message paul;) i hope your feeling good ..and no pressure to answer this:hippy::beard::D
  • Nah it's rubbish...don't like haircuts ...but don't like my hair long....only 1 or 2 a year though......
  • good haircut wr2:cool:
  • :hippy:cool tunes paul:)
  • Hello, I just read your post about Tesco and have to say I feel your pain.. you should do them for animal cruelty you know - that poor squirrel! The bastards, i'll never forgive them for making someone kick an animal. But well said anyway! :cool: