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  • Spying on ya! ha ha, observation mate - it is part of my job :D
    i work in Widnes in Cheshire but live in Merseyside or Miseryside as some call it :D not far from Knowsley Safari Park.
    I'vebeen on here about 9 months now and had 6 avatars (i think) :thumbup:
  • Alright dude, i'm okay mate just sitting here in smelly Widnes, good to hear you are copeing Rob, are you going for some record of how many different avatars you can put up in a week LOL. :D
  • went to claire up north,s place,with jay and daisy and a few others,now on east coast near hull,perhaps not a good idea parking up miles from anywhere and it,s snowing heavy
  • Sent you a freind request, I was looking at your profile and saw you drive a landrover. Have you ever been to the campsite next to Tryfan in the Ogwen Valley Wales? I was there a good few years back and there was a chap there with a hook and a landy?
    This is the best sight I have found , I go on other forums , but everyone is either cliquey , or snipping all the time . UKH is so freindly:) and welcoming.
    Chooks are great , we have about 50 in the summer , but are down to 25 as they get eaten! Will be hatching again as soon as it warms up , we have 6 cocks at the moment , Our neighbours must really like us:D

    cheers dave
  • should have put rockers,at least you got it :clap:
  • Hey buddy thanks, great to have a friend :)
  • the bank has deff taken a big hit! but will be worth it in the end, glad your liking the work in progress
  • yeh im mobile again now :) done almost £1600 in 4 weeks thats just in bits :)
  • hows tricks matey, no probs fo addin you on farcebook :) i think some fella on tribal living was trying to contact you! not sure if he ever did
  • always is. don't let thinks get to me
  • Heya, not too bad thanks, hope your weekend's off to a good start :)
  • Hey dude,
    how ya hangin
  • i was here and you were not , now you are here and i am not.... :)
  • Hiya, I'm not far from Ripley :waves: