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  • Thank you, sweetheart :heart:
  • Wow dont come across any other Vals in ages, then I stumble across too on here. Your middle name isn't Ann as well is it??? :0) me and Valzart both have the same middle name to and are both pisces, weird,lol!! :0)
  • I had a prolapsed disc in my lower back. Tramadol didn't touch the pain. Had the discectomy and was pain-free immediately post-op; apart from the scar of course.
  • [COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=3][FONT=Impact]morning lovley person! :hug: [COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=2]have a fabulous sunny :sunsmile:crisp autumn day!!! :hippy3:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  • thats ok honey :) anytime xxx
  • would they be the funky wellie varety....? funky wellies mean rain isn't as miserable as we pretend it is!!! xxx
  • You too babe. The weather doesnt look promising, so it may be wellies in the garden.
  • :waves:[B][SIZE=3][COLOR=Lime][FONT=Comic Sans MS] morning lovely! :sunflower :sunflower a new week again - have a good one! xxx :hug:[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
  • Hiya Indigo Mummy - I live in Glasgow and am a hippy mummy too. Guess you still live a fair distance from me, but thought I'd say hi anyway!
  • Nairn. Fastest town in the Highlands apparently... ;)

    Sorry for the late reply!

  • Hiya, I am in Dundee, you?
  • 'ello lady! Where abouts in Scotland are you?

  • I love your avatar :)
  • hello indigo mummy. if im ever up your way, be cool to drop in :) you sound lovely.