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  • BBQ!!!
  • oh hun im well upset wont be the same with out you
    but fully understand
  • are you not coming
  • sorry hun these have gone
    yeah don only has 3 weeks and we are camoing in 5 lol
  • you can have the pants hun if you can send postage probs about 2pound, i would pay but big bills etc x
  • are you still wanting the black pants hun
    if you can get someone to get your camping stuff to us i can take it too silverdale
    big hugs
  • Well done you :) how cool is that ha ha ha thats brill , im so glad you have had a nice day , it does make all the difference , little people are great fun especialy if you can get down to there level . it kind of makes the big people crap world melt away for a time which is cool :D
  • hey hunny, did you get my PM.....really need to sort out that camping gear now babe, i move in 2 weeks.xxxx
  • You rant any time you like darlin , better out than in , yer im ok but thats not important , meds seem to be getting really shit these day and dont seem to do what it says on the box or they just take bloody ages to work , dont get down babe you will get there it just might take a bit longer , you will come out on top just remember you are brilliant and be the best you can xxx :)
  • Hello you x is ya ok lovely , hows things ?
  • hi just wondering if the parcel had arrived hun x
  • We'll plan it all again soon, don't worry yourselves about it.
  • I can wait for the money for dungarees, don't worry x
  • hi hun i have the things on hold for you
    hope your well hugs sensi
  • Hiya, just wondered if you still wanted the dungarees on my listing?
  • hey fi hope your ok sweetheart
    big hugs sensi
  • Hey there,
    Could I suggest you look at this old [URL="http://www.ukhippy.com/stuff/showthread.php?17324-Overweight-Read-this.&highlight=overweight"]thread[/URL],
  • The wee man is on his way down with something here. I'm stocking up on fruit and jalapenos to ward of any bugs. Thats him off to bed now, quiet has descended here :)
  • Goooooooooooooood Mooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning :D
  • hey flower - hope you are all well and happy xxx hugs to the tribe xxx
  • very tired still - this bout kind of knocked the wind out of me but it's early days. am still thinking of coming over - when is the viking festival? h loved it last year, lots of things to do and make. or anything else that is sort of creativeand/or outdoorsey and with history as he loves history. york is the place....
  • hello flower! how's the tribe today? you didn't pm me yet but i found an address for you. it's the same one i sent shoes to....will it still work? xxx
  • hi darlin i just got out of hossie. think i will have to wait and play it by ear as far as the outings go! will be in touch soon. hugs, bee xxx
  • it would be lovely to meet up with you at some point - perhaps we could combine something in the easter holidays with some event in york? we have no car any more - i couldn't financially justify it as i hardly ever use it and it's cheaper to hire one if i need to go anywhere by car. due to the cutbacks i may not have a job at the end of next month....but the universe is wonderful and no doubt has something in store for me. we have been talking about moving to the US if push comes to shove as my eldest has work there waiting for him if he wants it. we'll see..... in the meantime peace light and love, bee xxx
  • 'ello petal!! how's you and the tribe? haven't been around these parts in a while. hope all is good with you. hugs xxx
  • Hiya, I got the tinkerbell t-shirt just before xmas, and I must admit it was one of the best things I received. Thank you :) x
  • Hiya, can't remember if I let you know but I got the trousers and am wearing them now. They're fab, thanks xx
  • Hiya, did you get my paypal payment for the tinkerbell tshirt? x
  • Thank you!! and CLEAR YOUR INBOX! it`s full...:)
  • Don't be daft.....no hurry at all xxx Hope your week gets better xx