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  • Very true. Glad to hear things are improving. I seem to be totally the opposite at the mo, things aren't going so well lately. I've got no job and no money and just feel a bit stuck. But on the bright side its almost a new year and I can make a bit of a fresh start.

    You having a good festive season? Any plans for new year? x
  • apologies for not replying, havent really been online much. hows things? hope things aren't so rough for you now. x
  • Thanks for adding me to your friends :D
  • Hi Matty thanks for your visitors message,hows things with you then?:)
  • Hello you! Yeah, its greaaat! pleanty of feilds.. therefore pleanty of shroomies:) how's lpool and everything? :) XX
    cool new hair <<<
  • Hello you! Yeah, its greaaat! pleanty of feilds.. therefore pleanty of shroomies:) how's lpool and everything? :) XX
  • decided against it, was aiming to start a plumbing apprenticeship but unfortunately haven't managed to find anyone to take me on as an apprentice so at the moment i'm stuck doing nothing. tis a bit of a bummer but i've still got a job at least so it could be worse. hows things for you? x
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  • yea, they were on the progam called animal farm, cant say i watched it but we had to watch the belgian blue episode in class.
    thats the course i want to do most, now i just need to get the grades and hopefully it will all go to plan :) we've not quite started writing statements yet so i've got a while before i need to worry about that. Liverpools not too far from me, i live in a village a good few miles out of manchester so i'm gonna have to travel or move to go to any uni
  • cant say i've heard of Norman Borlaug but i guess a-levels dont go into as much depth as uni level. sounds pretty interesting though, didnt know Darwin bred pigeons either. we've been looking at the Belgian Blue bulls as an example of selective breeding, they dont half look weird!
    think the course i'm most attracted to at the moment is pathology and microbiology but the only place i've found that do it is Bristol so i need a back up plan.
    where you at uni then if you dont mind me asking?
  • ah, i'm doing a-levels at the moment, biology, chemistry and maths. just been looking at selective breeding and what not. started looking at uni courses and have been considering pharmacology amongst others. so youd recommend it then?
  • damn those pesky flies! sounds interesting, what you doing at uni?
  • Alright thanks, haven't had to work a full weekend for once :)
    hows life treating you then?
  • hello there!
  • I am very well thank you, soo chilled.
    How's the CD swapping going? Been out in the garden with your mum again?

    :)Happiness xx
  • Just hellooooo!! how're you ? Hope your enjoying the sunshine :sun: hehe.
    Stay happy , m'lovely! xx
  • were you deeply disturbed by the recent closure of pimbletts pie shop. my family up there are in deep mourning....:rolleyes:
  • :waves: hi from an ex st helens born laydee. :waves:
  • i meant to come by and say Happy Easter.. but you know us hippies, forgetful and lackadaisical .. im just now getting around to it. so have a Hippie Easter instead. [IMG][/IMG]
  • hello there, just bored and thought i'd see who was on here. how, and who are you? ;)
  • Hey dude! Sorry for the delay! Life has been pretty hectic lately! Finally got my head into gear though! More to come! Hope you're well! :)
  • Ooooh, sounds cool - very reminiscent of Aphex Twin and uZiq. I love the one with the news report sample about Palestine :thumbup:

    That pic of Brown and Blair is disturbing though :eek: :P
  • yeah im sure it can :)
    you been up to much?
  • o yea deffinately! Like I said in my blurb...i nearly became a Rastafari! I think thats one of the best religions if you study it closely but even that religion, i found something I dont agree with! lol
    So yea i chop and choose bits of religions n make my own religion =) so much better n makes so much more sense personally. And of course, other people would differ with my views and beliefs, so you couldnt make it into a new religion haha.
  • thanks for your post on the anxiety thread, grrd advice and glad to know some1 relates :O) , how are yoo tday
  • yeah i go there sumtimes...its good but it's not as packed as it used to the randomness of it hehe :)xx
  • wow, i've never been but it'd be ace...i'm not a hardcore shopper but i do love randomness :)xx
  • omg cool pad dude! well hippified! :)xx
  • Hi there! Yeah Tim Hecker is brilliant :D There's a load more artists out there doing drone/ambient stuff, here's a few more names you might wanna check out - Fennesz, Stars Of The Lid, Eluvium, Freescha, and Tim Hecker's side project Jetone... that should keep you busy for now ;)

    I like your profile, nice colours, your room looks really cool in that pic too :D