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  • :waves: [B][COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Impact][SIZE=5]GOOD MORNING[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/B]:hug:[B][COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Impact][SIZE=5][COLOR=Red]
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Impact][SIZE=5][COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]if you are feeling a bit like this [/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]:badmood:[FONT=Impact][SIZE=2][COLOR=Red] then
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :) :D :)
    [FONT=Impact][SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]and you will soon feel like this[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]:sunsmile: :bounce:
  • hi sweety, i have it on friday morning!!! i'll let you know!! x
  • hiya matey how you doing
  • Ah, so you're telford based? I'm near Church Stretton, up in the hills.
  • Hello dear,
    how was your day? my name is miss Victoria Kimudi, i saw your profile here and became interested in knowing you please here is my email ( i will like you to send me an email so that i wil give my photos and tell you all about myself when you get back to me. (Friendship is better than lonelyness)

    Yours Friend Vicky girl
  • cooool, we should meet up! :D
  • thanks honey :hug: where abouts are you? are you in Telford? x
  • ow do! :D i moved up here at the beginning of May this year! so only a couple of months! Moved in with my boyfriend in St Georges :) x
  • hey, love your VW :)
  • i used to live in whitelodge park, the glebelands and a house called number 4 edgbolton which was knocked down to make the road wider in around 1976.we all went to school i think
  • hi mate,i used to live all over shropshire but originally belle vue in shrewsbury
  • hiya nightmonkey i was hoping to go to shrewsbury unfortunately other things got in the way.-ex shropshire lad,hightower
  • hello how r u dub monkey! i want mine all painted pretty like yours!
  • cheers! she is a lovely bus n i wont give up on her no matter what happens to her!

    what sort of hand did you have in mind?
  • very very scruffy!! not for long tho!
  • thank you! hope you did too! :D
  • I couldn't tell you, I only took a picture of it because it was beautiful, sorry mate! :)
  • You've got good taste in music:thumbup::D