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  • Yeah me too. Im just waiting for Spring. I guess by about May it'll be warm enough to get on the road again. Im on a push bike ya see so I need the sun lol. Im thinking of cycling down to Portugal this year and going to the Boom festival then getting a job on the coast there for the winter :S Wel see
  • Hello :) Read your post about your new trucking life. sounds very cool. are you on the move or are you static with it. if your on the move you should come down to visit me. I need some friends down here. Essex is uselss. Cant wait to get going again.
  • I'm currently in Milton Keynes. Wouldn't have chosen it especially, but it has grown on us. It looks nice in white! :D
  • Cool. Are you snowed in down there?
  • Where in Watford are you, Angel Em? We have folks in Carpenders Park.
    x Shoshana x
  • yeeeehhaa, hellllllllooooooooo.
  • Ahhhh! There you are! Nice to see ye Capt'in. Shiver me timbers and hoist the main sail etc etc...and pass me that rum before i makes ye walk the plank! Arrgghhhhh....(why have i gone all pirate-like?!) x