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  • Hi Diana, don,t know if you got my last message...I,ll be touring with Dragonforce and will be coming to the Corn Exchange so if you and your partner or friend would like to see the show just let me know and I,ll sort out guest passes.. Alan xx
  • Hi Diana, its Alan off Myspace, I,m coming to Cambridge Corn Exchange with Dragonforce in a few weeks, let me know if you,d like to see the gig, free of course, I,ll get you a pass so you can come backstage.
  • hi hun, We WILL make a point of meeting up at strawberry fair next year....well, thats if you want to...lol!!!!!!!!!!!! Where didd you work in Cottenhan, I know lots of guys there? Do tell me more?

  • hi Diana, my longest dread goes down just to the top of my bum. it's one of the only ones that hasn't been shortened at some point, as I have found that the weight of my hair does tend to make my neck/shoulders ache at times, so I've basically been forced to cut some of the length off at times.

    and yes, i dare say we do look similar. i think you, myself, and another mate of mine could easily pass as sisters.
  • wow, you have amazing dreads! how long have you been growing them?
  • I must have been standing very close to you, I was slightly left of middle and near the front... also bouncing and singing like a loon!
  • [quote]
    Current memorable moment is being at the front for AOS3 in the Green tent at Strawberry Fair 08, they rock as much as they did 16 years ago!
    I second that!!!!
    Didn't know AOS3 were going to be playing and it was a brilliant surprise. There were some crazy people in that crowd!
    BTTP are still gigging occasionally and they have a London gig on December 11th. :happydanc
  • Nice taste in music :D
  • hiya. :) thanks for posting on my thread, and welcome to UkHippy. :)