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  • Good morning, how are you i do hope you are enjoying the lovely weather!!
  • Currently have a Dodge 50 with walk thru van body. Hoping to get an 814 Merc Luton soon. I've always wanted an MK or MJ, but the reality of 40mph cruising speed, short wheelbase, and no power steering always put me off. A double decker and showmans must be amazing...as long as you have somewhere to park it...:-)
  • no prbs, wot have u got presantly? my last truck was a bedford MK i livd in it 5yrs but manly abroad thow i ended in west wales in it. grow to big 4 it with my partner & our 4 kids, we now liv in duble deckr & showmans.
  • no problem good luck in your quest
  • its a bus 2wd walkthrow body 25" long
  • just in case u didnt getmy mesage about the bedford. tis a regestered motor caravan on 84 plates but is 10 or so years older ex RAF 330 turbo, has been stood a few years, but starts 1st time, inside nis empty. underneath is perfect
  • Shall we start a Land Rover owners collective? If so what shall we call it? I am already on a group on Facebook.
  • I look at things now
    In a different light than I did before

    ...And you say...

    Walk your path
    Wear your shoes
    Talk like that
    I'll be an angel too
  • Happy New Year to you too xx
  • Regarding the loo...

    No problems...thanks for going to such lengths to clean it...:-)
  • hi dai, i'm affraid i've had an accident with the loo! i cleaned it up like new in the bath and was taking it down stairs dropped it and bits broke off it. i'm so sorry i will keep my eyes peeled for another one! appologies once agian.
  • :waves:Hello,

    With reference to your membership of "The old and battered campervan appreciation society", here's my elderly Dodge library bus...:tardis:

  • Thanks for the compliment:angel:.

    I take it you're not Catholic?:dead:
  • Cool name hehe