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  • Aww no worries then sweetheART lol! all good here ;D
  • In what way? I don't have enough hours in the day to paint let alone anything else hun lol! ;~} Valz
  • the woofer is a stick addict lol.....shes fine!....you?
  • Claire?? Mungo/Mongo
  • hare krishna and thank you for the request :D
  • Hi hunni hope your well great to see you back lots of love and hugs sensi
  • oh hello you :hug: :hug: lovely to hear from you!!! so glad you liked the hat :D :D :D we are all good thanks sweetie - you and yours ok too? loads of love x x x x x
  • Hey hun not seen you around for ages - did you get that little hat for your littlun ok? hope all is well with you and your tribe anyhoo - loadsa love Sarah x x x x
  • its moved next to doctors, dont know why coz no one talks to me here :(
  • lol! You'll fit right in!
    What a small, small world! I was there yesterday! (In Poppy's havin me hair done!)
    There's some funny facebook groups for saaaf oxhey (I grew up in south oxhey and don't have a criminal record yet, etc.) What's going on with the library?
  • Hi Candrika!
    Whereabouts in Watford are you? I grew up in Carpenders Park.
  • Awww have a lovely day with your parents sweetheart n thankyou for thinking of me - big hugs n loadsa love x x x x x x x
  • I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: doin my nut in now - thought we was off yesterday - was havin contractions all friday afternoon and all day yesterday - had 2 orgasms, fiddled wtih me nips as much as i could stand, did loads of work on some accupressure points, ate loadsa fresh pineapple, went for a well long walk, bounced on me space hopper n then late last night it all just stopped! am really ticked off!!! But did have another really good night's sleep ;) all this waiting is doin my nut right in! i not even overdue yet LOL!
  • I thought id pop in for a quick hello....hello
  • wot you looking at huh :P :waves:
  • I need to adjust my red then, it was supposed to be Blood and Custard !
  • This'll make you laugh i'm dyslexic and keep reading your thread on froogle living as frog-le living. I don't know many sites like the others so haven't posted but i am reading it and it's very good.
  • good to know the good word of shaft is spreading :D
  • Ello hun - thanks for your message :) i'm having a "i'm fed up and feel huge" day hehe and yes am taking it easy :) x x x x
  • Hi, Your cats are beautiful :) Oh and so are your chidren hehe. Looks like a lovely little family you've got there. Naomi xXx
  • you remind me of somebody ~ never lived in Kimpton did you?

    hello btw
  • completely random question, but do you give your cats voices? my ex did with her siameses and i always found it dead funny.
  • :hippy:yay..first mesage.. " I was ere":D