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  • haha, yeah bring them on! *boogies* :)
  • thankyou :)
  • yeah do it, spread the hobbit grandad moves southwards, might start a new craze
  • lol, sounds like you had a good night out...mmm i love dancing and tequila shots hahaha
  • heya, yay!, you accepted, why i'm doin' alright :0..thanks for asking...and how are you!? :)
  • gar ta man, twas great fun making it, w had people stopping in cars to watch us being plonkers, twas rather embarrassing indeed
  • thats not too good, well at least ye'll have loads of money now once ye can get to it. Pearl jam are beasts indeed, i'm still loving the new mastodon album at the moment, that and down are my constant ear feast.
  • ahh smashing that means i can finally make some guacamole for some tasty fajitas, been needing a lemon muchly. So what ye up to this fine rainy day?
  • that really is a bummer man, nothing worse than having money but no ways to get at it, you should of strutted into your bank and threatened the cashiers with a cunningly gun shaped chocolate eclair until they yielded to your wishes indeed
  • splendid sir, i never heard of a shooble afore but it sounds cool. Yarp just been blobbing doing essay stuff and eating some good trifle. Hows ye, what ye been up to?
  • Own mop eh sounds pretty swanky. Hows ye the day, you been getting the sun down thataways?
  • Well then thats spiffingly splendiferous with extra nuggets of delight
  • 'lo and good evenin'. :v
  • Sounds like good stuff man, ye reckon the films worth a watch?
  • arrg i too do this muchly, bit of dibbage, tis always good, i'm back on the it crowd at the moment, tis all good. You ever seen it?
  • yarr me too im off till next week thank goodness!!!! eeep
    im watchin vicar of dibley :)
    and enjoy your walk, if you go for it lolz
  • sweet man, dog walking be always good. Not up to much myself, on holiday from college till next week, need to do work but really can't be arsed, just chilling at moment eating minstrels, tis rather good, thinking about moving about maybe, just started raining so might go for a tasty wee walk up the hill, tis better when its raining, no people about
  • doobee darp, hows ye, what ye been up to me friend anything spectacularr
  • Knees and toes? :S
  • you would of liked my old it teacher, he had his shirt tucked into his trousers and the trousers pulled nearly to his chin, socks over the trousers too with some stylish leather shoes, he had a great look actually, might make it my new style
  • ah no not the edmunds with his nipple high shirt tucking. I'm on the big bang theory at the moment, tis real good
  • ah thank ye kindly, my shoes do indeed smell muchly though. What ye been up to?
  • ah grand. Not much man, twas me birthday on sat so went out for a few jars and cake. Feeling mega lazy the day, woke up harf hour ago, tis an amazing day though, like summer. What ye got planned
  • Hows ye going man?
  • Bleh, Narp i was an idiot and hit the ales hard last night, got soaked and i've got a fever and pucking up, it sucks mightily
  • mooppoodle diddledidee how be ye?
  • I was drunk, not sure why I was sorry, but I do indeed still love you. Hope liverpudlia was fun x
  • Nice, i'm surprisingly pished on wineat the moment, tis good yarp
  • :( Srry, I really love you xx
  • Thank you ! :)
    You are gorgeous too - awesome peircing! Did it hurt?