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  • thanks, just got your second comment as i was answering the first! :D
  • well everyone else is only putting up one a day coz that's kind of the idea of the thread, so if you do one a day as well then it shouldn't overcrowd it too much! we've started a blog [URL="http://adoodleaday.co.uk/"]here[/URL] as well where we stick our picture a day. it's kind of a mission to get other non-drawers drawing!

    and yes, i draw too, my blog on that link is called stardusts doodleaday.
  • hey :waves: just wanted to say how welcome you are in the drawing thread and how great it is to see more people joining in! :hug:
  • HEHE, thank you for the "novel" haha, no but seriously thanks so much seems quite complicated but it looks really awesome so thats all i keep thinking about haha THE END PRODUCT ba ha
    xx have a good day xxx
  • you are soo pretty, just thought you shoud know :)
    btw how and where did you get your hair done, is it actually dreaded or just random deads innit,, i want mine like that
  • Its a discussion forum :P we're supposed to discuss things. Lets not worry about it :)
  • Hi! Glad you like the avatar! Hope you are doing well.
  • thats really cool i love geckos too still have two of them great little things apart from when that get out and you have to find the bugger, most of the time hes in the light on the wall
  • Thanks for the add - appreciated - will update my profile on here today with a picture - niceto hear from you - very much hope to be a part of the forums - good to hear from you - love - peace and banannas
  • Haha okay, thanks! You seem as mad as a box a frogs but I like it. Night! x
  • That is so cool! Lucky you :D You'll have to keep me updated on how you're progressing ! And I'm feeling ya with the work situation, I needs me some moneys.
  • Ahahaha cool! Well, I hear it can be pretty powerful with crystals but to be taught properly it costs a fortune and you need insurance. I'm only a legal normal healer at the mo. But yeah I'd defo come heal in 50 years or so, I cant imagine I'd be doing much else haha !
  • Ooooh, well, if it ever happens and you need a hand let me know cause I'm a healer. No crystals or reiki at the minute but maybe some day!
  • Hahaha, thank you :P I'm going to treasure that comment of yours! Yeah... I'm fascinated by them, but for the love of me cant get too close. I reckon its probably just growing up and seeing everybody else petrified of em. So I take it you wanted to work with animals??
  • By the way,, was just reading ur blurb, weird that ur scared of spiders but think they're pretty. I'm the same, totally petrified but I'm letting one the size of france live in me room cause i just like looking at it :eek:
  • Hell yeah! I've bee thinking that for a while but the kitchen is cold.. Cheers!
  • Yeah it is pretty cool, I havent had a good summer like that in a few years! They seem to just come and go before you know it. But winter is cool, I love all the lights , the atmosphere and drinking coffee in big mugs :D
  • Ooh nooo!! Hope you feel better soon ! I'm a bit of a winter babe myself but was thinking today that it will be cool when summer comes round so I can lie carefree in the grass again. But yeah, I'm pretty good thanks, just tired and unable to sleep.
  • Hey, thanks for the add! :) How's life goin?
  • Hey! I like to build-up my inner self-worth vessel with 'friend requests' on forums, y'know!?! Soon I will find out what being popular is like! He he he he. :>P

    Peas, Love and Happiness :>)
  • love that graff is it yours or just some you found
  • Wotcha! Love your profile! Thanks for the add, I look forward to chattng more... :D
  • Hey Bex, cheers for the friend request :) Woooo I see you're a greenpeace member, me too :D
  • Hey Bex, cheers for the friend request :) Woooo I see you're a greenpeace member, me too :D
  • Hey there. I like what it says in your blurb. I totally agree with you on religion, I don't agree with following a pre made religion, accepting all it's values as they are set, well I'm fine with it but I think its better to mix and match what you believe is right, cause like you said you will probably find something you don't agree with in each religion.
  • hello nobbie are you my secret admirer. love your t-shirt its great
  • Yes...it should be law that everyone has to have at least 1 item of rainbow clothing in there wardrobe at any given time! :D
  • Hehe, nice 1 Bex! You have my top! Well, the top i'm gonna get...i like it even more now! :oD
  • your profiles looking hot man!! you'd love the graff around brighton. google search "graffiti, brighton, Jungle boogie" its my favorite!
  • alright raver lovin ur colours babe!