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  • I lived in Chippenham! On Queen's Crescent and I worked at Expolink. There are some more hippish types there, but I didn't really know any at the time. I knew this crazy lady called Maggie, but I wouldn't recommend her. A bit of an emotional vampire. I know where the old hospital is. Yes, winters are warmer down there, that's for sure. But I love the openness of life up here. Plus, I grew up surrounded my mountains, so tend to be more happy in that sort of landscape! xxx
  • Just saw your thread. I used to live in Wiltshire - initially in Chippenham and then in Corsham! xxx
  • What part of the UK are you in? We are getting ready to move farther north (just 30 miles NNW of Inverness) and looking forward to getting to the area and the people. Thank goodness, Beachcomber is nearby!
  • You are most welcome. Hope you are feeling happier. xxx