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  • hey there!

    i have just been looking at my old pms just incase there was something i needed to keep and i came accross yours about meditation. cam you pm me your regular email addy if you are still interested? thanks, peace light and love, bee. - sorry this has taken so long - i spent months away from here just dipping in and pout when i got a few mins but now i'm here a lot due to recuperation. xxx
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • :waves::hippy: [COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=4][FONT=Impact][B]just [COLOR=Lime]saying[/COLOR] good [COLOR=Lime]morning[/COLOR] :D hope [COLOR=Lime]you [/COLOR]have [COLOR=Lime]a[/COLOR] lovely [COLOR=Lime]day[/COLOR]:sunflower:sunflower:sunflower[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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  • Not at all! I've got a world of warcraft Characture named "Neftoon" after the main characture in Nez's novel! :D
  • Glad it helped! Noone should haveto go without Monkees! :D
  • Aww no :( you can watch most of them online at [url]http://www.surfthechannel.com/show/television/The_Monkees.html[/url] :D
  • Nice one , I'm always on the look out for unusual and interesting music, especially from other country's.
    I was in Portugal recently and came back with Albums by Blasted Mechanism (strange Jazzy stuff with didgerydoos) and a beautiful band called Madredeus, an album by them called O Espirito da paz. It is magical, my 5 year old daughter won't sleep with out it. Also from France are Noir Desir and Manu Chao, If your interested that is!, Do you know of any more strange and interesting music that I can look out for, I will give anything a listen!!! thanks again Elfwin!
  • The pics didn't really take that long - but it's an ongoing thing :) Yeah, 33 1/3 was a bit.. odd! I do love that version of "Listen to the band" though, just for the guy holding up the "he's really playing this!" sign :D
  • Oooh - those pics are great! I've got a screencap gallery up at [url][/url] because I'm a bit of a nerd about these things (Mostly the classic episodes, but a few interveiws and documentaries too - and Elephant Parts!)
    I really enjoyed Head, but I managed to get through 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee too! :P
  • I'm a real dork - my favorite's the 1997 reunion episode! If that doesn't count, I'dhave to go with "Fairy Tale" though - Mike's such a pretty princess!
  • Yay! Is that why you've got the "Riu Chiu" line in your profile, or something else? I'm a Mike fan too - love Mike and Peter's solo stuff too - it's amazing :D
  • Yes I think that Ive fallen in love with your Avatar too, Ive just googled Sebastien Tellier, Im going to have to get something by him, sounds dead interesting! Is he popular in this country?
  • Tanx very much! Love your Avater, probably the most laid back coolest looking dude that Ive seen for a while. Ive just been reading your blurb, have you moved to Kent yet?
  • love this page and you photo's are amazing
  • thanks!still trying to figure it out but ill get there lol
  • hi i saw that you'd looked at my page so thought id come for a nosy at yours!it looks really cool, how can i pimp mine like that?cath xx
  • Hi Elfwin, many thanks for your comments! Peace, Barrelrider.