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  • :waves:[B][SIZE=3][COLOR=Lime][FONT=Comic Sans MS] morning lovely! :sunflower :sunflower a new week again - have a good one! xxx :hug:[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
  • Severn- move here (S.Wales) about 5 yrs ago, still miss Bristol, but go back to visit friends and family every now and then, so its not so bad ;)
    good to see a fellow old skooler on here!:thumbup:
  • Hi Gary :)

    Just thought i'd say hello as I saw your profile & liked what you said about rave culture - me & my other half are old skoolers and miss those days! I am a Bristolian, though sadly living on other side of the bridge at the moment...really miss cool nights at the Trinity- d'you ever go there?
  • Thought so, I was there about 4 years ago. Was by far my fave place (Cambodia as a whole) in all the countries I went to.

    Ahhh... Would love to be there right now.
  • Is that Cambodia in your avater?
  • Hello gary:waves: