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  • i meant to come by and say Happy Easter.. but you know us hippies, forgetful and lackadaisical .. im just now getting around to it. so have a Hippie Easter instead. [IMG]http://trulyfe.com/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG]
  • In bulk washing powder you can buy many of the same brands as would in retail quantities. You can also buy some other brands that are only available in wholesale quantities. I buy Omomatic because I have a front-loader. It is weird that front loaders are minority in Australia considering it is the driest continent on the planet.

    I looked on the net and found Elders have two branches in Beaudesert :

    113 Brisbane Street
    Phone: 07 5541 3300
    Fax: 07 5541 3092


    28 Telemon Street
    Beaudesert QLD 4285
    Phone: 07 5541 2222
    Fax: 07 5541 3088

    The only branch of Landmark I could find was at Gatton. How far is that from you?

    [B](07) 5462 4401[/B]

    If you ask at your local motel or pub where they buy their cleaning stuff from they should be able to help you.


    Tenthill Rd
    Gatton QLD 4343
  • How are you feeling today hun?....I've been *there* myself before, its hard I know. I've been meaning to say G'day to you, I lived in Brisbane for a year in 2002, Kangaroo Point- d'you know it?:)
  • Not 100% at the moment
  • How are you?
    Merry Christmas to you.
  • I find it hard to believe that you cannot but Nexus in Brisbane. :whistle:It is published at the Sunshine Coast. I have bought copies living when I lived in Barham and in Tocumwal.
  • I don't think I've ever seen a nexus magazine up here.
    We have a few Montessori schools, which I put down to 'fashionable' parents seeing it as the next 'big' thing. Must be 90% of them driving BMW's when they drop their child off. LOL
    I class myself as a weekend hippy as I have to really tone myself down to work where I do.
    Slips up occasionally when I talk about the energy of a room at work or when they see my lunch.
  • Hay is not a particularly hippy area. A few come and go.Having said that the local newsagent sells quite few copies of Nexus magazine, so in some ways some people are a bit more tuned on.The Castlemaine area in Victoria has far more hippies and Castlemaine itself has a Steiner school.
  • hiya joanna you just sent me a friend request hunny but i dont think we have even spoke on here lets get too know each other a little first .....hope thats ok babe.............peace
  • well thankyou joanna :)
  • Confest is a hippy festival currently held at Moulamein in southern NSW at New year and Easter. Usually a few thousand people turn up. There is a also a small Confest held outside of Sydney also held a couple of times a year.

  • Ever been to a Confest?
  • Hi, My name's Joanna. I have to say; reading your comments just absolutely crack me up.
    You have an excellent- witty sense of humour!
  • hello, i don't even know your name!