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  • :waves: [B][COLOR=Purple]i know i'm stating the obvious but:woohoo: it's almost the weekend!:clap:have a groovy friday:sunflower:rainaf::sunflower
    [COLOR=Magenta]it's crap when you can't do what you would like to be doing cos money is tight - but you can always find a way round it!!![/COLOR]
  • :waves:[FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=Olive] [SIZE=2]good morning to you!:) todays forecast: there will be :sun: between the :badmood:and you don't get :carrot: :flower: :chef: :broc: :sunflower without either![/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

    [COLOR=Magenta]thanks dread - i got your package yesterday! hope your move went well. are you going to trev? bee xxx[/COLOR]
  • i haven't had anything from you.. i mailed the p.o over a week ago first class..everyone else i mailed things to on the same day has received theirs... can you slt me know if you got this or not?
  • cheers love they have arrived
  • just mailed you the munny hunny!!nlet me know when you get it please....thanks xxx
  • glad you like it hun
  • Just wondering if your parcel arrived Hun
  • Let me know Hun wen your parcel arrives
  • hey hun pants just arrived your parcel has just gone in the post so should be with you for friday deffo
    thanks they are ace
    love sensi
  • ill wait a couple of days and if nothing comes ill just send it anyways hun its not your fault so dont worry
  • Sorry Hun haven't actually posted the bag yet was hoping to of posted but I was waiting for cash as I have been so skint
    I'll keep my eyes open
  • No monies come as yet Hun I'll keep. My eyes open for tomorrows post hugs sensi
  • hi hun when you get this could you pm me your addy thanks sweetie