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  • hi angelcake how are u and did u have agood christmas
  • MERRY CHRISTMAS ANGEL,have an ace day,thinking of ya :)
  • hi angel cake nice to talk to u feeling a bit lonely at the moment cus im not sure how to know when people are talking to me back or not
  • No not yet! I'm also waiting on another cheque that hasn't arrived - I'm hoping the postie hasn't nabbed them as a christmas bonus :S xXx
  • Hello,

    Did your parcel turn up yet? I sent it yesterday :)

    Naomi xXx
  • aww babes...
  • elloooo me darlin :)

    Have you had a good day ?
  • Hope 2009 brings you a lovely Ellen look alike who is as fab as you:D U deserve the bestxxx
  • What a nightmare. She certainly sounds devious. Big hugs to you lovely, you have lots of friends on here, she is the loser (and the nutter!) to have lost your friendship. Stay strong, you will get through this. xxx
  • Hi Angel, just seen your thread- so sorry to hear whats happened??:( I was horrrified for you hun. I feel bad cos I helped her start a thread. I thought she was just another newbie. Its a terrible thing to happen. Hope t he mods will do all they can to protect u on here now they know whats happened. Hope you're feeling a bit better today, love Maya :hug:xx
  • yah that's better, now you can do the same in your pm box.
    Oh and you can also nark their e-mail address as spam and your computer will take care of the e-mails you get from that person,but off course babes you could always just delete them without opening them.

    Always makes me laugh how some ppl think that you should forgive *them* so they can move on. Even though they just fucked you over, the nerve. I really think some ppl don't get how forgiveness works.
    Anyway glad your ok and glad to have been of help. much love lulu, xxx
  • Hi, if you look at the right hand side at the top of this message you'll see today's date and the time i sent this message, right there next to it is a little box, click on it and a tick appears in the box, i think it's green tick. Next go to the very bottom of all the messages ticking the ones you don't want as you scroll down, at the bottom on the lefthand side of the list of messages is a box that will say something like move folders, click on that and a list drops down, just click on delete and then click on the go box next to it and like magic the go, hope that helps much love lulu xxxx
  • Hi babes just read your thread, am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time.
    It's freaky when your happy safe place gets screwed up, but it looks like they have removed that person. You might want to think about deleating all the messages form this person on your visitors page, so that you don't have to see them.

    I hope your alright babes and remember that we think the world of you here and are here for you, lots of love and hugs lulu xxxxxxx
  • [B][I][SIZE=5][COLOR=purple]:hug::hug::hug:This is for yesterday, sorry I was not around as I was sleeping..... [/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B]
  • maybe you could try and email me and i'll see if i can open it - [email][/email]
  • sorry was just kicked out again - tried lading my email and I think that what did it
  • Having alot of problems with my computer today - its crashing constantly which includes the email but can try - you sure you're ready for this????
  • Oh don't get me started, once the dam is breached it will flood out! Got to a stage in my life where I don't know if its the gay thing or the relationship thing
  • A very good positive mental attitude to have - keep it up
  • You're never to old!
  • Got your message - still getting used to this site - how was the bingo - any full houses?
  • I am home and in bed now... feeling like poo. Boo... Thats poetry for you.
  • I am thinking about it, but there is politics and stuff involved and crap like that. Only 3 hours to go.
  • Feeling really really poorly I just want to go home and go to bed, but I am working.
  • Hi thought you might like to go to the boot porn thread post #130, those are right up your street.
  • right click em, save em, add as attachment in yer email, if you still can't do it, send me your old pa's email and i'll send them to him :P xxx
  • lol why dont you email them to your dad! :P
  • i dont have a printer unfortunately! do you like this one as well?!

  • sweet! it's only a amall pic, but it might still do the job!
  • [IMG][/IMG]