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  • No worries bud, we should get together for a drink sometime.

  • Hey there bud, thats cool. You wouldnt have any experience converting campers would you???

  • thats ok mate xx
  • sorry mate couldnt answer the phone when u called as i was driving at the time, thanks for calling hope your well xx
  • :huglove:
  • No worries! One of my friends was in a similar situation, not quite sure how much progress he had made after a couple of years. A timeline of his journey is here if you fancy flicking through it - [URL=""][/URL] :)
  • Some hair textures are more or less prone to knotting, unfortunately for some. Mine's very good at that, and I'm 4 years down the line now. Hang in there though, one day you'll look in a mirror and think "Wow!" :D Quick tip though - I find that I need a major ripping spree after using Neutrogena T-Gel, that stuff seems to work wonders for dreads even if it is a bit expensive. Remember that clean hair is best at dreading.
  • Heh, anyone can with patience! :D
  • Hope you're doin ok simon .x
  • it's that green thing on yer head that's stopping you!!! we are all good - in lovely chelmsford and south at last. sorry you and raye never got to come and visit us in the pool before we left. you missed seeing my groovy kitchen!!!
  • hey you! how's it going? have you changed your fone number btw? xxx
  • Sending you peace and joy for Christmas xxx
  • No, I got caught in the hail Christmas shopping earlier though, not fun!
  • Yes thanks, I'm getting used to it now I think :) I need to sort out an avatar and settle in a bit more, it has been ages since I've belonged to a good forum so I'm hoping this is going to be an interesting board to be a member of! How are things with you? :)
  • Hello Simon, I see you're from West Wales too! :waves:
  • Lol! Thanks, you made me grin! I'll be sure to let them know (although I think they know it already!) :D
  • Sounds good to me! we might have more fun in different weather mind you, so no rush heheh.
  • Blue and green, nice:)!

    Yeah she did message me, she seemed very funand kind and nice and said she would wave at people in the street just in case they were me :D haha.
  • Hello!

    Hows things fellow west waleser? Where abouts are you you wannabe hippy then eh?

    What is your favourite colour, and why? :P heheh
  • hey Simon

    We are in the process of moving south so we only have about 4 weeks in Liverpool. If you want to come visit here you'll have to get your skates on!!!! Could do with some help moving too at the time - lol!

    Glad you two have found each other by the way - it's sooo lush. You both seem so happy!!!

    Hugs, Bee xxx
  • hello mate when r we going to c u at another gathering again then? & how r u keeping?
  • well you guys are more than welcome to come and stay here if you want. we'd love to see you and H esp would love you to play with his lego with him. i am the carless one now!!! can't wait to see you both!!!! xxx
  • Hiya! Hope you enjoyed Wales! Are you going to Sunrise this year? We will be going on Thursday, so if you're not going we'll have to meet up when we get back. It's really full on here until then and Rob is working all weekend in Cardiff so I don't even have access to a car.
    Me and Sarah were talking about maybe arranging a meeting at the Bear at Holwell, the hippiest pub I can think of!
  • Jenny lives in Long Ground, but I think she's the only one in Frome (that I've seen) with bright red dreads. I didn't hear thunder but we were at the medieval fayre in Glastonbury, so perhaps it was local. We could do with some rain...I have four allotments to look after and I don't fancy carrying millions of buckets of water around!
  • Yeah, over in Nunney. If your in Frome, I'll bet you know my daughter Jenny, bright red dreadlocks???? Everyone seems to know Jenny. Or my son, Jools. Enjoy the lovely weather!!!
  • morning flower! have a beuatiful sunshiney day! xxx
  • hey simon - hope all is good with you.... xxx
  • mmm, yes - i think you should be tapping into your creativity. perhaps you should try some sampler courses in all sorts of things until you find something you like, i just have a feeling that there is a bit of you that you haven't tapped into yet. what are you afraid of? have fun!!!! xxx
  • did you do anything about looking into a photography course? you took such brilliant pics when we went to northumberland last year!
  • can you not get a self contained flat like stardust? might be worth looking?