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  • [COLOR=DarkOrange]:hippy:[/COLOR][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=2]good morning to you! there are blue skies and sunshine here and i hope you have some of this too! [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][COLOR=DarkOrange]:flower::sunflower:flower:[/COLOR]
  • :waves: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=lime][B]have a[/B][/COLOR][/FONT] :hug: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=lime][B]and a beautiful day [/B][/COLOR][/FONT]:hippy2:
  • [COLOR=purple]hey - how are you doin? just in the middle of cooking some food - moroccan chick pea and couscous soup and naan bread - cos we can't get berber bread in liverpool and i never learned how to make it!!!...should maybe google it?[/COLOR]
  • yay my lovely yeti waistcoat arrived, havent been around as we have been moving the boat.

    ta very much x
  • :waves:Hello hunny, where in Scotland are you, Stardust says Hi too, x
  • funnily enough he said only today he's going to do a firing in a couple of weeks - he's trying to source a woodburning stove for all his waste offcuts (he's a carpenter too) to raise the ambient temperature in his workshop so it doesn't cost as much...

    he's trying to start up selling his wares as a sideline to his handyman business, do you sell your creations? if so do you mind me asking for tips on helping him become successful? xxx
  • i doubt if its me browser doing it, i always update my firefox as soon as it tells me there is an update! i cant p-ost any kind of picture on here unless its in my gallery!
    oh!! new host bfor my radio stream s[URL][/URL]
    clik it and it will send a pop up for your media player (u may need to set for eg windows media crappy player to play mp3's as it isnt always the default codec on it, bloody pain in the farter)
  • Hehe! hell to you too! so I have a double? she must be gorgeous! nice talkin to you xx
  • yeh, thats what i have dne many times but it just wont do it!
    maybe try again though. am half asleep and still a little tiddly from last night
  • hello :)

    just wanted to say i love your creations :) i had a nosey in your flickr and found your work very inspiring - my dad is a potter, i think i need to get him to teach me some 3d skills now :)
  • Hello hows life as a moon cat ?
  • i know anything about....??/ (schtoomp)
    i have tried dozens of times to do, i think, what you say to upload, but it aint working
  • :xbounce:Merry xmas.:xtree:
  • haha that was meant to say look :|
  • Hello Mooncat
    How are you my dear?
    i must say you lok awesome :D
  • exellent!! i reckon solfest and knockengoroch would be ideal starting grounds as they arev both consisting of what i beleive to be the right market for you for now...
    in time when u get your sea legs (which u may have anyway) then UP the prices and get to glastonbury even tho its a pishy pop fest.... worth too looking at summer sunrise celebration, again a ripe new festival with much alternative and counter culture folk who will be thrilled by your work, and i am sure body peircing would go well on all of the above fests...
  • Hi, MoonCat!
    I don't know about earthmama! A wannabe, maybe!
    It's not my painting either (crash and burn!)
    I do have 4 tho. To be honest, I can't imagine school (well maybe I can, some days the idea is quite attractive! lol!)
    Nice to meet you!
    x Shosh x
  • thankyou Mooncat xx
  • Thanx Mooncat, I love Inverness its so pretty do you know what date it is next year? & is it family friendly?
  • i'd reccomend solfest for sure, especially if u decide to work it, not too expensive for a pitch, though u could negotiate with some one there if you are serious enough for stall space sale or return, work out some thingb etween you etc, am sure you've done similar all before, but thats a wonderful skill push it, get it out there lass, p.s. how do you get the pix in your profile sections that arnt the normal photo pix?
  • :waves:Belladrum wheres that? I went to Knpckengorrach in the spring & Wickerman this year. Both brilliant:clap:.we were on secrurity & wickerpicker crew.defatntly going again next year, fab atmosphere.:)
  • wow love your backround thats cool and the persion with no legs
  • You're welcome :) I like your pics, and all the lovely stuff you make! With christmas coming up I might purchase some of your crafts :)
  • It's gorgeous. And so are you & your extra kind to yourself over the next wee while.
  • :waves:I'm not supprised why would you wanna leave when its sooo beautiful.?? shame the weather isnt as nice as the scenary though:whistle:.
    do you go to many Scottish festivals?
  • :waves:have you always lived here in Scotland? im a incommer now aka lowland pixie.:)
  • Lovely profile. I like that skirt up there - did you make it? :)
  • he's mine too!! xxxx
  • :waves:hello Highland fairy, love your page very pretty.:)
  • Hellooo :) thank you! I love your paintings xx
    how are you? x