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  • still wondering if it arrived?????
  • Did your parcel arrive? It should have been with you by now x x
  • hi hun parcel enroute let me know when it arrives kelly hasent stopped raving about her swap we had body brushes and how brill they are all night lol and we all had a nail varnish makeover fab hugs sensi
  • hey wouls love to talk to you but am all over the plae reovering from yesterdays migraine is eaiser on chat if you are on either faebook or msn my keyboard is also really playing up so cant do bit posts atm I do know some stuff whih may help though
  • ahhhh brilliant :D proper happy for you lovely :D ooh and they be my old History teacher (julian) and his missus... they have a b and b down your way and Julian used to be in a folk band (am prety sure he plays the fiddle although memory is hazy) and they played at my wedding when i got married eons ago lol but yeah anyways i wondered if you had come across them at all in your folky muso circles down your way :D xxx
  • ooh i remember what i wanted to ask you.... Do you know Julian and Jayne Rutter?
  • :) :) :) hello my lovely! are you all floaty in a fluffy bundle bubble of lurrrrrvedupedness ? :D
  • How you doing?
  • hi hun did you get my pm earlier
  • :DNot sure if you got my PM but I know about yours and I need to you send me your address as Notcula is unable to get on here presently:hippy:
  • Hi hun - just checking did you get your secret santa - can you check out the new topic in the swap box please. x
  • hey you old the diddle are you ?
  • Hope all is going well in the land of sheep and horizontal rain
  • Hiya,
    I haven't figured it out yet, but whatever I do it will have some kind of trademark bit on it somewhere. I always start off planning to do an ordinary plain one and then I can't bring myself to do it...I don't know what it will cost yet either, but a fair bit less than the normal ones. I usually sell those for £180, unless I do a full triffid job on it, which is mental and takes a week to do, but a small one will be a lot cheaper. It will also be indestructable, just like the big ones. When your van wears out you can just put it in the new one. I will also make it so that it can still take a little camping kettle or small saucepan too. Fitting it isn't too much of a job, but is easier if you have all the tools to hand. Normally people come to the shop, but you are a long way away. Having said that, we are planning to go to Pengraig at some point. Whatever, it's all sortable. Don't worry about a deposit, at least not until you need flue pipe, it's quite expensive to buy. It's also the only other thing you will need to buy, I can sort all the other bits and pieces and I'll put an ash pan in it, so it'll be ready to use. We can sort the rest out as and when. Cheers,
  • Hiya,
    Funny you should mention it, someone has just asked me for a stove to fit a short wheelbase transit, so I will be making a reduced version very shortly. I'll happily make you one too if you like, are you in a particular hurry? I panic when people tell me they're in a hurry and can't get things done because I lie awake worrying....
  • hi my names Kathy (crimsonkat). Just found out we live on same estate as you. Mat and Clare told us. We are at 26. Maybe we can meet up sometime?
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080]BE BATTY!


  • On May 6th....

  • :hippy:happy mums day x :waves:
  • The bracelet is fine hunny lynda says to says a big thanks she loves it really made her day
  • hiya hunny the neclace arrived its beautiful and thankyou for the bracelet/anklet that you sent for lynda she will love it
    big hugs sensi
  • did you get the payment hunny
  • Hi hunny could you send your paypal I'll be paying tomorrow have a great day love sensi
  • could you send me your paypal addy hunny ta
  • Hi Hun that's very kind of you lynda is not hippy just a normal girlygirl Hun
    Nothing arrived for Kelly Would of said
    Can't wait to wear my necklace youre so talented
    Have a nice day lovesensi
  • Hi Hun is it ok to save. The necklace till Tuesday but it could be Sunday if it's okcould you send me your paypal addy via pm have a great day love. Sensi
  • Why thankyoufor the comment.... It was taken about two years ago... He is even more gorgious now... I will have to put one up......
  • Hi how are you??
  • Hello you :hug: Did you get my text? Are you free this weekend for a haverfordwest hippy invasion? :)
  • good down here thanks. bit lonely, but used to that . . .;)

    move to Wales, I thought of it, but if was going to should've last year, when the girl would've started the first year of secondary with everybody else.

    I wouldn't normally bother trying to debate with coyote; but I had the time and patience to give it a go yesterday. gonna get out the house today though!

    have a good day :)