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  • hello, you have beautiful hair :waves:
  • heya :)
  • Yeah, being a dad is great! I seem to permanently have a small amount of baby sick on my right shoulder, but apart from that it's marvellous!!
  • Yeah, very well actually! We have a little boy, nearly 3 months old!!

    How's things with yourself these days?
  • Good god, you're on here as well!!
  • Hi there thought i pop in and say :waves: & thanks for the picture comment its a place in Scotland called Ae Forest, we have parties up there in the summer. ( love your hair by the way).
  • fineas it happens! finally got MOST of the issues with me radio station sorted, still not on full public station, but any one can tune in tho, ([url][/url] )

    but life good, looking forward to the orb tomoro swansea, and hoping that ukhippy folk do end up having some of these xmas parties they are yapping about the noo

    and you?
  • cool hair!! just spotted a comment on a forum from you, and it inspired me to say hello

    so, um.... HELLO
  • :hug:♥
  • Hey hun....thanx 4 finding me on Flickr xxx
  • No hun tis my second :) have had a gap of almost ten and a half years between babies though!! :D x x x
  • hiya hun :) yes am oop t'other end of the county from you in Frome :D been quite sunny here today - i went outside in a vest top earlier lol :) Seems to be quite a few of us somerset peeps about on the forums! :D I'm goin a bit cabin fevery at moment cos into last few weeks of pregnancy so not gettin out as much as i would usually - soon as baby has been born though am lookin forward to gettin back out n about for some nice long walks with me dogs and bubs in the buggy :D Did you get some good pictures of the Mump? x x x
  • Ello Nettlefairy!....cute photo...nice hair! xx
  • I'm good thanks. How about you? Lovely profile picture by the way =) xXx
  • Hello :)