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  • hope you got your bus man!
  • nuthin much like just college,drinkin and being my wierd ol self hahaha :P
  • how are you doing man?
  • hulloooo
  • hey hun, you should be able to post up now. i made it moderated cos i didn't want to have to look at 'conversion' posts there, kinda like the christian sub-forum is just for christian or pro christian posting, lol the group was set up as a place atheists could chat without fear of evangalism. :) lol. i've approved ur join request thingy so you should be able to post now. xxx
  • How do you do your radio stream then? Do you leave your PC on 24 hrs and let it play randomly from your music!!!! When i click on to your link, it opens it up in I~Tunes!!! Is that right!!! I have only had chance to listen a couple of times and only for a couple of tracks at that! Its been the stones and fairly well known stuff!!! Not that there is anything wrong with early Stones but was hoping to hear something more warped out and garage punkey !!! I should set myself a couple of hours maybe!!!
    Oh yeh!!! I have been meaning to Ask!!! I used to have this Garage compilation that i can't remember the name of and can't find it anywhere!!! I can only remember the name of two tracks, one was called The legalise cannabis campaign. And the other called Vietnam that went on for about 10 minutes!!! don't remember any names of bands off it but these two tracks were to die for!!! Any Ideas!!!
  • Thankyou darlin :hug:
    D'u get ya post ?
  • it is free-cloud as in the song 'wide eyed boy from freecloud' by david bowie!
  • They are a fab band, and on my wish list to see live.
    Have been listening to them for years and I keep missing when they play in london.

    Have you seen them?
  • Hey :)
    Awr awesome, i've been there a few times :)
    How are you dude?

  • Thought you'd stolen my background's back now!
    Are you having trouble uploading photos into your album?
    It's maybe the browser you've got is old....maybe update it?
    If it's taking hours to upload must be that...convo admin about it?
    If you have an image in your album that you want to use.....go to edit profile...then customize profile...then add the image into the main background bit.
    I hope this makes sense....
    I'm still half asleep here!
  • pervs!!!
    Just upload one of your own photos into your album..then use as background...easy when u know how.
    Although mine seems to have vanished know anything about that/???
  • Heya you :hug:
  • ee by gum this page is bright! it certainly woke me up!
    oops, almost forgot...

  • Just thought I'd say 'Hi' :)
  • Cheers Gnowave, my pleasure!:thumbup: Hope your week's a good 'un!;)
  • Well I'm getting picked up by Andymel from on here at Inverness, but I've got no idea where we'll be going from there lol
  • [url][/url]
  • Thanks a lot for your message Paul. I'm going up to Scotland myself soon .. in 10 days time, whoooo can't wait.
  • sounds cool man, don't forget to check out the big freak if you're ever in town
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=5][COLOR=olive]Good Morning brother Paul. It was a treat to recieve a message from you this morning. Thank you. I am honoured. The quote you identified with was actually from sister (mother) Terresa. A fellow anarchist. Keep up the brave job of being yourself. We need you! Thank you for all that you do. G-d bless YOU! Sent with Love from jerel.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • Banana curry haha, nice one!
  • ha ha! yeh, and i love going to sleep with my nuttiest music on, and i tend to find in my dreams i get these "new" tunes i think i am writing, occasionaly if i hum them as soon as i get up, i can remember them (a key to drreams is to write them down , or in this cae tape record or hum them or else you will forget by the time you've had breakfast, almost garunteeed).
    ] most of the tunes i have "written came about that way.
    and as i say as soon as i know i am dreaming i just think YES now fly...
    i love itl, its my favrite time of the day
    but you ever noticed that when you are over tired that you can start to dream before you seem to be asleep and that can be dead scary, and as soon as you realise its happening struggle to wake up again
  • Well Yeah I know what you mean
    Also, things in your dream are often linked to what you see in the day.
    I had a dream and I thought it meant something, turns out its just from a movie.. ;/ lol
  • Have you ever checked out to see what they mean? Could be interesting!
  • That was my friends dream lol It was pretty good. We're always dreaming weird things.
  • Hi Paul, Happy New Year! Things are crunch and imminent job losses notwithstanding! Hope your year is going well so far.
  • hehe! thanks! will keep on knittin untamed and proud!!:)
  • that is dandy, she used to be on UKhippy
  • call you laterz for a bit of a natter wag is it ?