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  • It looks wonderful, Bea! How pleased you must be. Hope you have tons of success. You have unique pieces and I doubt there are many others who would be in this particular niche. Excellent job! x
  • no originally from bridgend x
  • hey just thought id say hello......what part of glamorgan are you from?
  • Hey Daydreamer - I see you like Kayaking? Where do you get out paddling?
  • hi dont do anything yet ill try and get a good pic first lol
    and thanks
    love and light sensi
  • sorry dident see your reply hunny as you posted it on your own page lol
    would you do it from a photograph
  • it depends how big you would want it hun, obviously if you want it on a canvas, which is what i usually do :) then the cost of that and the paints and a little bit for my time, it usually takes me a few days, so if you wantit on a 36 by 42 or something similar about £40, that way i make a tenner. If you think thats fair? then i guess ill have to get it to you somehow? i dont usually post stuff so i dont know how much that would cost, canvas's dont weigh much.
    But Id be really happy to do it for you :)
    Peace out DayDreamer xx
  • hi hunny was wondering if you would do a pic of my granddaughters your work is awesome
    what would you charge
    hugs sensi