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  • Damn it just me then . . . . oooo its ok battery is going to die soon:whistle:
  • lol, i work nights!!! i'm here every night!
  • :waves: [COLOR=Purple]morning lovely!:eek: we have more snow!!!:frust: this is going to make the walk to school and work fun!!![/COLOR]:sunflower[COLOR=Purple]have a great day and stay warm....:) [/COLOR]
  • :waves: yoo hoo!!!! :sunflower morning morning lovely person! :hug: have a happy saturday :peace:
  • [B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Red]Woohoo! Go you finally showing your face!!![/COLOR][/FONT][/B] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][B][COLOR=Red]Happy New Year hun xxx[/COLOR][/B][/FONT]

  • [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B][COLOR=Red]yoohoo! morning petal!:xsnowballhave you got snow yet?:xbounce:star jumps to keep warm, but not after mince pies and mulled wine.:xcoolsnowhave a cool day but not too cool!!!! [/COLOR][/B][/FONT][/SIZE]
  • Happy to help
    please take a look at my webshots photos
  • Hi did you get started on your bowtop?